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Tuesday, 24 March 2020


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"Just In Time" wisdom. This is the "essential value" of the well-spoken citizen, especially in these times . Thanks, Mike.

Work or even meaningless faffing around expands to fill the time available. I have just spent four hours not really cleaning the kitchen.

We have months more of this.

Thanks Mike and good advice all around. Be safe!

If you go in a store to buy something please say something nice to the staff. Maybe "thank you for being here" or "I am glad that you are here". These are scary times and if you say something nice people really appreciate it.

We are all in this together.

Nicely written, Mike.

I've always lived alone so my current state of voluntary self-isolation doesn't feel all that different. I do feel the need for human conversation at times (distinct from electronic talking), but the phone works. I will miss my regular breakfasts at the cafe with my photo-dawg mates. We are all in our 70s and very vulnerable so it's no meet-ups for the foreseeable future. That's depressing.

But bored? You can't be serious, as John McEnroe would say. Now is the time to do all those things you never got around to; from the simple (change the failed hard disk in the USB3 drive enclosure and start that major backup of your images) to the slightly more difficult (make that web site you always meant to, upload your best images to the picture library, make a photo book), to the not so easy (write your memoirs or autobiography - leave your legacy). I can think of a hundred things to do. Bored? Not me.

It's writing and kind thoughts like this post that bring me back to TOP, even when photography is not uppermost in my mind. Thank you, Mike.

Good time to catch up on a few ‘build it yourself’ photo related projects. Took a drive downtown yesterday and the walkway along the waterfront was deserted. So it’s easy to avoid other walkers. Nice time for some pinhole photography.

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