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Thursday, 26 March 2020


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Sudek. Looks slightly more organised than his compatriot, Miroslav Tichy. (no sick jokes this time, promise).

That's Josef Sudek. I've always loved his panoramas, even owned his "Prague Panoramique" (the original edition) for a while. It was nice to run across his picture on TOP.

I've been on a few conference call using Zoom so everyone is on their web cameras wherever their computer sits. The cameras have a lot of depth of field so you get to see whatever room they are sitting in which is another version of what you have described. I've read stories where people have only dressed from the waist up and then the rest of the people in their meeting can see their underwear. Interesting!

I don't screen-grab it, though.

And why should you? You've seen it already and the world (or the web) is full of stuff you haven't seen. This is not "Groundhog Day."

Ansel Adams with a John Sexton print stored on its edge on the floor?

Re: your comment, "I used to love "antiques" (junk) stores". reminds me that I once heard someone refer to antique stores as "dead peoples stuff". Cracked me up.

Edward Gorey at Elephant House?

That's Josef Sudek. One of my many photographer heros. Before I looked at the person in the photo, I thought "That room looks like something from Sudek's house" per photos I have seen in the past.

Josef Sudek.

Eugene Smith isn't it?

The photographer in the photograph is Josef Sudek and the photograph I believe was taken by a student /assistant, it rings a bell

Was the picture made in eastern Europe, maybe Yugoslavia? Was he refused entrance to his own awards ceremony for looking, well...not appropriately dressed for the occasion.
If I'm right, I'll let someone else attempt the spelling.

Josef Sudek.

I don't suppose the Ateliér Josef Sudek looks like this anymore.

Check out @streetview.portraits on Instaram for lots of great "found" photos.

Josef Sudek

Josef Sudek!

Sudek, of course. (I've already grabbed a copy of the book, of which it seems not that many remain.)

Google Earth-driving is seductive and creepy. I visited Ctein's house in Daly city a while back, virtually, and drove over his neighbor's garbage cans while backing out of his dead-end street. This may be the only way to see the world for the next month or so. We're already virtually connecting the distributed parts of the family -- dinners with three families that usually get together, two of them on the phone screen at the corner of each table. Playing video games with several groups and a shared screen on Zoom.

Hello, I would like to get a chance to see Sudek prints in person.

Ulrich Fraass
97421 Schweinfurt

I'm not sure if the same applies to US TV - I get the feeling perhaps the emphasis is a little different, more focussed on either script or action depending on material - but on domestic TV here in the UK I constantly see the most amazing "still photos" captured ephemerally by some talented cameraman or director, some amazing perspective or superb composition lasting for just a few seconds on our screens before the scene cuts away. I often freeze-frame in the middle of a programme just to admire such shots! I struggle to get such captures on a consistent basis with my camera and these guys just do it day in day out for a passing linking shot or whatever. Unsung professionals!

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