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Sunday, 02 February 2020


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Dear Mike,

Consider a Hulu + Live TV subscription. There is a seven day free trial which would at least give you the game for today.

While we access our subscription via our Roku Ultra device, there are many other supported devices (iOS, Android, XBox, various MacOS and Windows 10 web browsers, Apple TV, etc).

To date, this path has worked well in our "cord cutting" efforts.

Hoping you feel better soon.

Michael Coviello

Guide to watching the game online: https://www.theverge.com/entertainment/2020/2/2/21084036/super-bowl-2020-how-to-watch-date-online-time-free-streaming-tv

Try foxsports.com.

Superbowl streaming (pre-pre-pre-game stuff already running at 2:45 p.m.) free.

foxsports.com in your browser will show the game. It may need a free account.

Super Bowl. According to https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/04/heres-how-to-stream-the-super-bowl-tonight/ you can watch it in an app on you iPad or online in a browser without paying. Or maybe the wireless?

Recently, I stumbled upon some videos of Mike Tyson, yes, that Mike Tyson- the mad bully, off the hook, outta control boxer of years past. He's uhhh... "gone thru some things," and has actually, finally come out the better! Successfully sober for a number of years, he now has a remarkable outlook on life, people and the role of... ego. Yes, Mike Tyson, that Mike Tyson, is now happy to be the humblest of men!

"If I die tomorrow, I was overpaid." -Mike Tyson

The google search for how to stream the super bowl for free seems to turn up a LOT of possibilities.
Fast company has a good roundup https://www.fastcompany.com/90455787/jonathan-adler-tan-france-recharge-on-the-road .

I won't be watching - I once was interviewed ( anonymously fortunately
) for a cover story in The Saturday Review ( remember that ? ) about not caring for football and it produced death threats in my small football obsessed town - but that Doritos commercial looks like fun.

Here in western iowa the super bowl is on the local Fox affiliate. A tv with a uhf antenna should get you a signal provided there is a Fox station nearby.
An even cheaper alternative is a ACTV over the air tuner and a cheap uhf antenna will work provided you have a compatible monitor. It might be useful for those times when local news would be of interest.
You can actually get a pretty good small tv for a few hundred bucks. A tuner would be under fifty.

Hi again Mike,

There is one downside we have found with Hulu + TV: There is no access to PBS service. While *very* limited PBS programming can be accessed by other means, full access requires membership with a local PBE affiliate (either annual or a one-time donation with incessant calls for further donations). Full PBS access *is* available through Hulu competitor GoogleTV. We have chosen Hulu + Live TV (at least for now) as the pervasive data gathering by Google is extremely disturbing to us. Have no doubt, Hulu also gathers viewing data. At least, it would appear, the data stays within the much more limited Hulu-verse.

Take care,
Michael Coviello

Watch for free wherever you are. (not that I'm going to watch. I'm not into sports) https://qz.com/1795704/how-to-watch-super-bowl-54-live-and-for-free-from-anywhere/

Stream the game for free:

Sorry, having read my own link in the earlier comment, I see I can watch it live (no ads on BBC TV here in U.K. Life is cruel isn’t it, I have no interest in football (if it is football, not sure ) and could watch it on TV, phone, iPad, computer or whatever for nothing!

Hi Mike, really good post ,though the majority of the posted comments seemed to miss the real message in it.

My father born 1918 would put me in my place with " I thought i was poor because I could not afford shoe's ,till I saw someone who had no legs" shut me up quickly.

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself over two very different things - some minor surgical complications that just won’t go away, and regret that I didn’t jump on the X-H1 + battery grip closeout deal. Thanks for putting things into perspective.

If none of the previous suggestions work, you should be able to listen to the game with the TuneIn app.



If you want to watch the game ... you can stream it for free using:

The Fox Sports app for iOS and Android

The Fox Now app for iOS and Android

The Fox Deportes app for iOS and Android (Spanish broadcast)

The Yahoo Sports app for iOS and Android

The NFL app for iOS and Android

The app of a streaming service that includes Fox (listed above)

Foxsports.com in a web browser


You can stream Super Bowl 2020 for free at Foxsports.com or you can stream to your desktop through the services listed above, depending on your region.


Please, tell me how I can apply this strategy to to my angst over a certain politician that splits his time between DC and Florida?

nfl.com seems to be streaming it free right there on the homepage.

First and last time I tried to watch the Super Bowl, I lasted 15 minutes before I was utterly bored. Guess after years of living here, I still don’t stand a chance of becoming a real American...

I have arthritis in my hands, which is a relatively minor thing for everyday life since my doctor figured out how to get rid of most of the accompanying pain. But it has pretty much killed my ability to enjoy playing guitar, which I really enjoyed for more than 50 years. Bummed me out, you know?

But then every time I’m sitting in my rheumatologist’s waiting room, I look around at the others waiting and I’m really glad to be me. I try and remember that when I pick up a guitar and get frustrated by fingers that refuse to bend the right way.

hello mindfulness :-)

Driving and traffic: I was in Puerto Rico recently and took a lot of Uber trips. There are some unfamiliar and unwritten rules at play. Occasionally another driver will do something stupid, dangerous or discourteous; something that would cause me to honk my horn and swear in the States. The Puerto Rican drivers take it in stride and don't become angry. The reason could be that Mother Nature throws so much shit at the Puertoriquenos that a stupid driver is truly inconsequential. Why disturb yourself with anger? I will try to apply that lesson when I'm driving.

By the time you read this, your Super Bowl is over but I'm not sharing about Super Bowl.

When I fall sick, I'll sleep...and sleep...and sleep.....and sleep....waking briefly for hydration and lavatory and then sleep....and sleep......and sleep. Two days at a stretch.

Then I get well. Just sharin'

Congratulations on NOT going to a party when you are ill. Too many have the "I'm almost dying but I made it" mentality and infect one and all with whatever it is they have. A number of friends have even stopped going to their Church functions after catching illness from these types of people. Same with school events, sporting events and shopping times.
Hope the "creeping crud" finally leaves and you feel better.

Re: the super bowl (or any NFL game)
It's a day late, but...

@ Hugh Crawford
There's a good reason they call them fans (fanatics). I have found most sports fans way too over the top in their slavering dedication to teams of any sort.
The old quote comes to mind, "sports doesn't build character, it reveals it".

But, I remember slavering over the TV in the late 60's in my late teens. I would spend every Sunday entranced watching Bill Russell and the Celtics, or Sonny Jurgensen, and all the other stars. Then I would watch ABC's Wide World of Sports.

I look back at that now and think it was a partial waste of time. True, I have memories of Bill Russell and to this day still enjoy hard-scrabble fast-break basketball. So it played a part in forming who I am.

These days? I find there are other things that hold my attention.

Hi Mike, although I read TOP every day, I rarely comment. The Supper Bowl post motivated me to write and tell you how much I appreciate your non-photographic posts. This one was exceptional! I also like the dietary topics that show up from time to time.
While I read TOP to make me a better, more informed photographer(and also an amused one), I realize it will also likely make me a better human. Terry

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