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Friday, 07 February 2020



Not writing about Photography is the best way to have a break and later write about Photography.

I cannot explain this but, as an occasional writer, we all suffer from writer's block and doing something else is the best way to overcome that.

Don't forget that writers all have a finger print. It's not the subject that counts but the style of writing. I think your TOP readers will enjoy - although they came for the Photography part - whatever topic you write about.

Dan K.

Funny! Pool cue tip conditioning reminded me of the arrow field shafts we used to use years ago. Every now and then the shaft would snap off right behind the base of the point cleanly if it hit a stump or similar. One solution was to buy the compressed-end shafts that started out with a flare-shaped end and were compressed under pressure back to the original shaft diameter.

Well, staying off-topic: AccuWeather radar often shows snow up where you live. No pictures? Are you getting out enough?

Salad for breakfast-love it! One of my favorites is a big bowl of greens and vegetables with an egg on top, perhaps dressed with warm vinegar.

I would like to spend this spring photographing more... been in a bit of a photo down time for a while...

First you say “and I'm still sick—approaching five weeks.” Then four paragraphs later you proclaim “If you want to be healthy, gotta get your plants.”

Maybe you need some good old fashioned chicken soup. And get some fresh air every day taking photo walks around your lovely Finger Lakes.

Couldn’t hurt you Mike.

[This virus is very common up here right now--lots of people are sick, lots of kids are out of school, and lots of older people are taking precautions. My doctor is swamped and I can't get in to see him. It's well known that it's lasting 4-8 weeks for many people. If I was the only person who was sick for this long I'd be a lot more worried. --Mike]

Mike, Have you considered that it is your dieting that is contributing to your slow recovery? Maybe calling a time out until you are back to full health would serve you best. Just sayin' .....

[I believe just the opposite. I think my good diet is helping my immune system fight the virus and is keeping its effects to a minimum. I'm much less symptomatic and feeling less bad than a lot of people I know. That's just a feeling, not any sort of objective certainty, but it's what I think. --Mike]

Not talking about politics today when you have a voice is a lot like not talking about the Titanic sinking when it’s sinking, and you’re on it, because you’re afraid you’ll offend someone.

The truth is that very little that is said about nutrition is anchored in scientific fact. It is all opinion really. It seems the only thing that the "experts" agree on is that vegetables are good for you. And there is even some dissent with that.

I always get a chuckle when a centenarian is asked what the secret is to longevity and they say, "Fast food, cigarettes, alcohol and sun bathing."

Agreed, Paul McEvoy. Mike, maybe you would like to start another blog to release some of the pressure? You could put the more contentious content there. I'd read it, pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one.

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