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Tuesday, 25 February 2020


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Happy Birthday, Mike. Enjoy the sushi!

A couple of things; I explained your principal of percentage of life lived to a student of mine years ago, who was having a bit of a hard time relating to the world (he was a little older, and had somewhat more extensive experience in the world than his peers). I agree with that way of looking at things, and also agree with your assessment of eventful vs. placeholder periods of time.

As far as Appomattox is concerned, what I just learned (from Bruce Catton's biography of Grant) was that the period immediately leading up to Appomattox was very rapid and fluid, and it wasn't really clear right up to the day that the surrender was actually going to happen. It was a little touch and go exactly where (and if, contemporaneously) Lee was going to get pinned by Union forces, and things were moving fast.

Happy Birthday young man! I hope I’m as hale and hearty at the same age. I have about 10 years and many thousands of frames (photographic, not pool) to go, I hope!
All the best, Don

"Anyway, I'm going to take the day off."

But only after writing and publishing 977 words. Enjoy (the rest of) the day.

Be sure to take your camera loaded with the first roll of film. If you're ever going to finish those rolls, your birthday when you are in a good state of mind seems as good a time as any to get started, right?

Happy birthday Mike. Your work makes us all happy.

Happy Birthday, Enjoy the Sushi !

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy birthday, Mike! No matter which direction your photography turns (film, etc...) please keep writing these types of OT posts. Excellent advice and a great read regardless of the specific of our hobby.

Happy Birthday, and Happy Mardi Gras Mike. My birthday next year falls on Fat Tuesday, so I'm planning on a trip to New Orleans to celebrate. You and your 815 Patreon supporters are all invited!
Laissez les bons temps rouler, and enjoy the sushi.

Bon anniversaire!

Expound on: "the bondage of self", please

[A bit of a dog whistle, for which sorry. It's a phrase from the Third Step Prayer in the Big Book of AA. --Mike]

Happy Birthday, Mike, and here's to many returns of the day and many more years of your excellent blog. In line with your comments today, here's something you may find of interest.

I no longer pay for expedited or overnight delivery. Why would I? I'm 73 and the package will arrive soon enough.

Happy Birthday Mike! Enjoy your day off, and the sushi. Sincere thanks for the gift of your writing, and your generous spirit.

Hey, Happy Birthday!

(mine was Sunday - 78! Makes me wonder how in the world I got here, and grateful for what I have)

Happy birthday. Wonderful post. Regards.

Max from Down Under

Like everything else, it is answered on the web
"Why are there no photographs of confederate surrender ending civil war?"

"At 63, it's worthwhile for me to remember that this age was the average life expectancy for American males in 1944, which was just a few blinks ago in galactic time."

That's my birth year, with my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. So, one might assume I've beat the odds by quite a bit. But that's a common misreading of the statistic.

"There is a basic distinction between life expectancy and life span,” says Stanford University historian Walter Scheidel, a leading scholar of ancient Roman demography. “The life span of humans – opposed to life expectancy, which is a statistical construct – hasn’t really changed much at all, as far as I can tell."*

My age is comfortably within normal life span. No panic.

* Source.

Happy Birthday, Mike. I’m grateful for the breath of fresh air that is TOP. Your writing and willingness to share are always appreciated…as is the knowledge, experience, and passion found in the comments.

We photographers are lucky enough to have the insight of an artist and the gumption to go out and explore the world with a camera…it’s nice to have a place like TOP where we can come for inspiration or just hang out and talk shop.

“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Happy birthday Mike from your antipodean bro. I turned 73 on the 12th, so we're close. My mother died at 73 (from the canker) so that makes me think. Then my father died at 78 also from the canker, which makes me see the bowel guy every five years without fail. These are the things that get ya at this age.

My next driver's licence renewal is in two years, and my next passport renewal is in eight years. Those are my milestones to reach. I feel OK, so far.

But this Covid-19 virus would probably do me in, given all the factors. Travelling's out now for the foreseeable future, but being in Perth, Western Australia, I'm probably in one of the safer places of the world, and I haven't gone anywhere near exploring this huge (1 million square miles!) state.

I should buy that Fuji GFX50 and a good wide angle lens and go exploring as we head into our very mild winter. Sell that Mazda MX-6 (the thrill's worn off; too hard to get in and out for an old codger like me!) and take my Honda MDX and see my state. Before it's too late. I've been too attracted by everywhere else. Time to stay home.

Happy Birthday Mike

Is Corning the closest sushi, or do you have additional objectives down there? Regardless, enjoy the birthday!

[There's a very nice restaurant in Geneva, where I usually go, but they're closed on Tuesdays. --Mike]

A very happy birthday to you! Great post and love your work on this blog!!!

We share the same birth day, I am just 9 years behind. Happy birthday and to many more for both of us.


Hey Mike,

Happy (belated) birthday. You saying prayers in the morning makes me smile. You pray in a fine style, as well!

Hope the sushi was fantastic. I will still indulge as well, although it's been 8 months of wfpb diet for me! Still sucking down the Vin and Tonics, so thanks for the recipe.

Happy Birthday Mike!

I just turned 73, 9 days ago. I share and admire your thoughts on gratitude. I have been very lucky and blessed in my life, I think (pray) and say "thank you" every day. I am very thankful to you and your readers for the gift of your writing, your thoughts, and everyone's comments. Cheers to all y'all!


Belated belated happy birthday. I read the blog every so often and given the busy lifestyle I don't tend to comment. BUT this topic touches home.
I passed 25 recently (younger demographic of the readers I imagine) but hate birthdays as I somehow expect to gather things that won't be there, such as family/friends or meetings that won't happen.
It's better after 25. I chose to fly on that day and began a developing & printing session on the afternoon. Sadly didn't see the friends I wanted nor even had many greetings (everyone relies on facebook as a bday reminder) but thanks to being on the run during that day, I just didn't stop to notice.

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