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Thursday, 09 January 2020


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Beautiful work, very well presented by the full-scale Blurb preview. I can't help but wonder (and be jealous) about access to some of those sites.

Victor Bloomfield


About 32 years ago you bought my SMC Pentax-M* (star) 300mm f/4 lens. Now that I have gone back to film, I wish I'd kept it. I take comfort in knowing it is in good hands. Thanks for the wonderful book recommendations.

Thank's for making me aware of this book. It took me two seconds to decide to go to the editors site.

I love the work of Kertèsz, I have learnt so much from the viewing of his pictures.

It is also nice that it has not got the huge price tag of many photo books that are published these days.

This reminded me of an exhibit of Dauguerotypes at the Getty in 2015 http://news.getty.edu/in-focus-daguerrotypes.htm

The picture of Edgar Allan Poe popped into my head immediately.
If you want to read about the Getty collection they published a book about it in 1998:

The Silver Canvas: Daguerreotype Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum
Bates Lowry, Isabel Barrett Lowry
256 pages

Read the book online here:

I would recommend a visit over at the Photo-Eye Blog and their very extended list of 2019 Favorite Photobooks. They ask more or less well-known photographers to name their favorite, to kick off Martin Parr, no less, with a book that graced these pages here very recently, too http://blog.photoeye.com/2019/12/2019-favorite-photobooks-day-one.html. Stretching over thirteen entries you get a very wide and varied spectrum of today's photobooks.

Re. the fourth book, the author’s own ‘To Build’: what a wonderful series. A very personal ‘testimony and recollection’, to use his own words, and beautifully executed, photographically as well as typographically. Also: no bokeh-trickery at all :-). Thank you, Mr. Tanaka !

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