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Thursday, 30 January 2020


Couldn't quite figure out if this post was about expos or publications, but for UK readers the Photography Show is on soon in Birmingham


(I have no affiliation or anything like that other than as a visitor)

Was not a pro, but subscribed to PDN for many years for interesting articles, interesting photos, and a different perspective on photography. In recent years, I lost interest in the content and dropped it -- it was also a pretty pricey subscription. Too bad. I also had not attended the Photo Expo for a few years now, even though I am close to NYC.

In addition to Photo District News, I also miss Studio Photography & Design which came and went from Cygnus Publishing in the '90s.

I remember one for the district news first got going and it was given out for free on the counter at Duggal and at Cosmic Sound ( another E6 dunk line shop in spite of the name which was actually a translation of the Indian word 🕉)
It started out with a lot of gossip and news about assistants. One month they had fashion models hand deliver the newspapers to all of the photo studios, which was pretty brilliant. Has it really been 40 years?

1979, you hit the nail right on the shutter button, a great year for photography as I knew it.


A valuable resource gone, and a sad comment on the state of professional photography. I remember buying copies when visiting NYC in the early '80s, and soon became a subscriber as they expanded. It was a useful resource for may years; now I feel that I should have kept my subscription up (although that wouldn't have kept them going).

I remember buying it when I was still an Assistant, and it was still on newsprint paper, and just about the New York Studio scene .
It was incredible to have a magazine where the nearly entire audience was located in about a square mile of Manhattan.
I did subscribe for many years but let it lapse about ten years ago......
...shame on me.

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