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Wednesday, 15 January 2020


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Great shot. But I don't think he used one of the middle apertures. :-)

Wonderful photo. I thought maybe he panned the shot. And I like how there is just enough sharpness in the car detail and enough out of focus in the background to make the car stand out. And what a car - so evocative. And I was thinking that it wouldn't take much of a camera to make that shot - just a good eye.

Mike/Peter, so well said. I think you have caught the feelings of all of us Photographers. It is the best of times and the worst of times. We are all economically better off than ten years ago but we are much more emotionally challenged than we once were back then. You express it so well with words and images. Good work. Eric

Good heavens, that's a nice photo!

peter and mike, thank you both.


Where's the "like" button when you need one?

What a wonderful picture...I can hear it. I think I'll go for a walk with my camera today.

feines bild...

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