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Tuesday, 14 January 2020


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Get well soon, Mike. We understand what it's like to be sick.

You thrive on originality or thoughts that fly out of your head and that is what makes your TOP articles unique.

But at times like this, I'm sure your readers don't mind a bit of cut and paste, that is if you are up to it, and give credit to the source.

Or, since you have a slew of potential contributors who stood in while you were recently recuperating from eye surgery, get some locum penmen (like lensmen) on the job. Just sayin'.

Please make sure to get a flu shot if you have not done so. And if you are over 65 you can get a flu shot with 4x's the antibodies of a regular shot.

Get well Mike, when I feel like that I drink lots of hot water with lemon. Regards.


Hopefully it’s not the virus that gave me pneumonia, which my plant based diet did not appear to help. Keep your head down and your spirits up. Parasite came out today, so there’s a couple hours of distraction.

Mike, rest, hot tea, honey and lemon juice for coughs, take it easy, et well soon.

With best regards,


Hopes for a speedy recovery!

We seem to share a few things in common, Mike. I too have what you describe, minus the headache, thankfully.

Mine came on at about 12.45pm on Thursday 2 January, just after my cleaning lady arrived. It was that clear cut. I'd opened the front door and breathed the strong breeze. I started coughing while she was here and it's been going ever since. I think it's improving, but slowly.

No fires near me, in Perth, Western Australia.

A cheery song for a one man band.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2o2kdd_Veo


I had something like that. It dragged on and on.
The doc said it was "what's going around".
Me: What is it?
Doc: the "crud".
Me: What do I do?
Doc: Sit down and shut up.

It worked. Just rest.

Wishing you improving health and a quick recovery.

I certainly can wait a few days for the return of my morning dose of wisdom.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Mike. Your comments on the benefits of your plant-based diet are interesting. I'm on something similar: plant-based plus fish, no processed foods.

Here's a recommendation for an interesting read on the subject of food and modern dietary habits:


Get well soon, Mike!
I am having something similar: I started with flu on New Years Eve, and still today I have an ugly cough around...

Get well soon.
This is a bad season. Flu vaccine has missed the prevalent strains this year, but it would still be of partial help. I had the vaccine but still got it, though mild, and several additional bouts of respiratory viruses or perhaps bacteria since October.

Looks like you've lost weight.

Looking good.

Get well soon Mike. Chicken soup and movies. Have you seen “The Great Beauty” ?

It's probably the smoke from my Australia Burning. Welcome to Global Smoking. ;)

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