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Sunday, 08 December 2019


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I had no idea you wrote for B&W Photography, which is still going strong and my favourite photography magazine. It would be great to see some more of your work there - maybe something along the lines of this very post?!

I’ll buy your book as soon as it’s published...

Cheers from the U.K.


"you might have to swim against the tide. Photography isn't in a good period right now". Several years ago, I returned to using film almost exclusively. However, right now film is having a real revival. So maybe I am not swimming against the tide. For once I am on the cusp of a trend? How ironic.

As for your second sentence, just look at the comments on that infamous digital reviewing site. That tells you all you need to know about the state of mass market photography today.

If you jump out of bed every morning eager to get started on whatever it is you're doing, you're on the right track.

A good blog post. Something for me to keep working on all the time. I can hardly wait for you to finish the book. I have a feeling it's going to be really great. Keep writing. We'll read. Thanks again for today's gentle nudge.

My career as a newspaper photographer started out with no real set plan. Soon after graduating from high school I dropped into the local weekly newspaper with some of my photographs( at the suggestion of my father) and the co-owner of the paper gave me some Kodak Tri-X film to go out and find something to photograph. One roll led to another and I was soon employed at the paper. I went on to work for a couple of other small daily newspapers spanning a 41-year career, only to be cut short with the decline of the newspaper business. I must say that at times I felt like "I was swimming against the tide". It was fun and I have no regrets.

Looking forward to the book, even though I am a 72-year-old semi-retiree now sorting through some 30,000 files on 4 disks wondering if there are any decent photos among them ... Bit late, maybe.

A very timely post for me. That's all I've got!

To quote a famous Jedi, "Do, or do not. There is no try". Whatever it is, make sure you finish... That is when you can really judge the results!

The trick isn’t just figuring out what you want to do, it’s getting your boss to ORDER you to do it.

Yes. But _what_ do I want to do? Better yet, what should I _not_ be doing... Just one thing (Curly)

So deep down you wanted to be a rock&rollstar 😊

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