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Friday, 08 November 2019


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Not downplaying his undoubted skill with the cue but he is helped enormously by the generous shape of the pockets which ensure no ball approaching is rejected,would like to see how he would manage on a table with tournament configured pockets.
Certainly a lot of the screw shots he plays directly off the pocket cushions would not be achievable.

I have, in the past, harbored enthusiasms that I was completely aware would bore the snot out of an average human being. (Golf, for one. Vegetable gardening, for another.) And I understand that one man's golf is another man's slow death. But I gotta say, for pure, unadulterated lack of interest, pool in all its varieties has to range near the top, above even darts. If I go to Hell after shuffling off the mortal coil, I'm pretty sure it'll be in the form of a small room with a pool table and not quite enough room for the cues.

Wow. Yes, those are the especially remarkable bits. As you say, I do suspect there were quite a few out-takes before he got this reel completed.

Quite a few “for cryin’ out louds “, and a bunch of “holy sh * * ts”!

Mike, you look so much younger in that vid' !

Not related to today’s column, but I am wondering if the pictures submited for the Museum’ dozen will be discussed in a foreseable future.

Just curious.

I'm not a big fan of pool, but this guy is truly impressive. Some of his shots seem to defy physics! I also like that he just stays calm and does his thing.

When I read the headline I thought, "Ah ha, off topic post on cinematography; 'moving' pictures'. Oh well, makes a change from pool..." : )

[Hope springs eternal! --Mike]

Damn just when the ego thinks it might be good at something you see this.

That is a nice table. Zone V grey, I guess?

Not a big fan of OT, feels like filler.

"...some of these shots probably took many dozens or hundreds of attempts before he made the one for the video..."

Maybe... but if you've ever watched artistic pool competitions (I'm guessing you have), the regularity with which they pull these kinds of shots off is kind of ridiculous. Granted, they're usually shots that have been well practiced. But now and then (in my limited experience) you'll see someone doing something new to them and still succeeding.

(Artistic Pool competitions are essentially "horse" with pool trick shots.)

Thanks again, Mike. Another 21 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I've already spent months weaning myself off the Ronnie O'Sulivan videos and now you come back to torture me again.

Next time you have to post at least one video of yourself making some kind of difficult shot.

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