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Wednesday, 13 November 2019



The SL was the most uncomfortable camera to hold that I have ever tried - the SL2 is a vast improvement in every way, and a seriously compelling experience camera platform for both SL and M lenses.

Not a camera with soul (😉), but impressive nonetheless.

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There is a wonderful book of photographs of vintage war birds written by Walter Boyne and illustrated by Mark Meyer.
At the back of the book Meyer talks about shooting the book using a Leicaflex SL2 with the then new 35mm 1.4.
He used Kodachrome and said the fast lens made many of the best images in the book possible.
Classics is not just a good book of airplane photographs it is a terrific book of photographs that happen to be of airplanes. Highly recommended,

It's sad that the diopter control merits the description "awesome". Every high-end optical device should have an eyepiece like that. Please, Panasonic, take note.

". . . the big, beautiful diopter control is awesome."

Only if it is not easily changed in handling. If it's push or pull and turn, OK, maybe awesome.

As I'm the only one who uses my cameras, and my eyesight changes little and very slowly, what I want is good range, reasonable ease of setting - and - most of all, that the setting doesn't change with handling and use of the body.

This is not true of all of them.

Leica, much like Apple and Airstream are cults. They are all over priced and way over valued. This camera is 2X times the price from systems from Nikon, Sony and Canon that can equal it's overall performance. If you are a Russian billionaire go ahead, buy it. If not, ignore it like most recent Leica products.

I am awaiting my SL2, supposedly will be available at my dealer on Nov. 21.
The hour I spent with a demo and my original SL gave me limited time for a true evaluation, but so far the expectations are holding up to reality.

I had the Leicaflex and a bunch of lenses. Great camera until you needed servce-the NJ service center was arrogant and inept.
One reason I got rid of Leica

I’ll have to ask my doctors and dentist how they like the new model. That’s about as close as I’ll ever get to owning one.
Seriously speaking, I do appreciate what Leica offers, it’s just not in my budget. Besides I find my Fujis quite satisfying to use and that is really all that matters, in spite of occasional GAS attacks.

I tried the original SL a couple of years ago. It was solid and impressive optically, but too heavy and clunky for me. But it or the new SL2 might be perfect for some users (and who am I to complain about size; I travel with a Hasselblad 501CM and several lenses).

Leica should be applauded for offering something slightly different from the mainstream boring Can/Nikon products.

Bob Cobb would love this camera. I wouldn't be surprised if a baton is a recommended accessory.

[Bob Cobb was "the Maestro" on Seinfeld. --Ed.]

Pardon a mini-rant here, but can camera makers pleeeeze abandon the faux pentaprism hump as a design feature? No longer needed and looks stupid. Fujifilm is the only company with a (partial clue).

I made the choice to go with Panasonic's Lumix S1 cameras and lenses leaving me a with a bit of budget left to treat myself to just one of Leica's new lenses. I have my eye on the 75mm f2 Apo Summicron. Just a few more plasma donations and I should have the budget sorted.

The SL2 is significantly lighter, and now easier to handhold for long periods, than the best camera in the world. And with a newer, higher MP (albeit smaller) sensor.


Just sayin’, as they say.

All roads lead to the R8!


No mention of the newly released and controversial Fujiflm X-Pro 3? ;-)

Coming back to the SL2 itself, it seems to me that the biggest nit/gripe/failiing of the SL2 is its contrast-only autofocus system.

Chris Niccoll's video review at DPR of the SL2's AF system came across as a frustrating experience, with the camera's lens hunting continually back and forth to find focus.

If I were in the market for a "FF" MILC, I'd be looking hard at the Panasonic S1 or S1R; Panasonic's cameras have excellent ergos, and for any type of photography other than sports or fast action, Panasonic's DFD (Depth From Defocus) contrast AF system actually works really well and it is really fast. (side-bar: Mike, you know this from your experience with the G9, which is an excellent camera).

Then there's Ken's comments and insights on the user experience, which I really trust.

So...for 6 large, sans lens? Uh, no.

@ Stephen Scharf... DFD technology existed in the SL and continues in the SL2. Of the numerous reviews posted so far, only Chris Nichols from DPReview, as far as I’ve seen, has expressed concern over significant AF hunting. He was using a pre-production camera, if that matters. I’ll reserve judgment on this and other issues until I conduct my own demo... as always.

How did they get away with this name, since Canon also has an SL2 (and SL1!)?

Interesting that the Leica and the Canon pretty much bracket the DSLR market from entry level to top of the line!

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