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Friday, 22 November 2019


Another disincentive is that most dedicated cameras these days are pretty good. It's hard to go wrong, even if you end up paying 5% more than you would have elsewhere, so it's a little less exciting to get it right. By the same token, I bet more of us are satisfied with what we have and just aren't looking for anything new.

A suggestion: crowd-source this year's list--let your knowledgeable readers find the good deals, potentially including categories you wouldn't normally cover. You'd still get pretty busy vetting the leads, but it would be less overwhelming.

And to repeat a related suggestion from a short while ago: What about the second-hand gems of today?

It's not just B&H. The whole state of Israel kicks back on Thursday evening, with a weekend opening up. Tel Aviv goes nuts, Jerusalem gets quiet on Friday afternoon, each in its own way. And on Sunday we can get a day ahead of all the Western competition...Or not.

As a dentist, it gives me pause to consider that you just threw out there a visit to the dentist and then a visit to the emergency room without any valid explanation. Seems like just another conflagration of dentistry with negativity. I really don't appreciate that dentists who are mostly highly regarded as professionals, except in highlighted off putting stories. I love my profession, endeavor every day to help my patients deal with their medical and dental problems, and have been a source of healing, as well as solace for thousands. Please try not to demean the valuable and dedicated work of myself and my peers. This response I have made does not get said often enough, and the dentist is the butt of many one liners, and jokey stories, so even in this limited space I need to express my most heartfelt feeling. I am a dedicated amateur photographer and student of the many aspects of art [as well as science] including my own skills as a periodontist.

[ https://tinyurl.com/wkhhwfh --Mike]

[PS I had a negative reaction to the numbing agent. It was the dentist who suggested the visit to the ER. I just did as I was told.]

Out of GAS

Yes, indeedy, the offers pour in: My inbox overfloweth.

And indeed, many of the Black Friday Specials are nothing but the last special prices, occasionally less a % or two.

My problem is that nothing in that sea of specials, or indeed, in the current offerings of photo gear, is necessary, even useful, to my work.

I've got the itch, I can feel it, I wander about the web, looking at all the new stuff. I almost bought a new lens on a real sale, but was realist enough to know that it would just sit in a drawer after a few test shots.

I can't even buy software! DxO has an upgrade to their PhotoLab software. I don't use it all that much, but it does the occasional thing PS doesn't. (And, I wanna buy something.) But, it requires Win 8 or 10. I'm still on 7, both because I dislike the 10 interface and because of my need for the XP virtual machine in 7 for old application development software.

Out of Gas?

Of course, you're aware there is an alternative movement who calls Black Friday, "Buy Nothing Day." :-)

I have worked retail for 13 years now.(late in life job) Black Friday keeps getting pushed further into the future every year it seems. Deals are made between the retailer and the vendor some time in advance. Ill be in at 5 AM for the real black Friday and work 9 hours of non stop hell LOL

Thankfully the day before is a day off.

@ Alan Berkson -

First, I hope you look at the link Mike included in his answer to you, to a 2011 post of his.

And second, I want to add my vote in support of dentists and periodontists. Having recently moved, I am about to leave my current dentist (of over 30 years) with great regret. He has saved teeth, done root canals, and solved any number of tricky issues over the years. Never once has he over promised or failed to deliver. And never hurt. Maybe occasional brief discomfort is all.

You're right that dentists sometimes get little respect, but I think, in fact, that most people really do appreciate your skills and service!

I feel this. There are constantly some kinds of specials, cashbacks, sales or whatever going on to the point that I don't check them anymore except when I'm out to buy a very specific item. I needed some basic items and a store I had found good in the past sent me a 11.11. code so I bought. But just browsing is out for me, it would be too much time wasted! And as a general trend, I feel that middle class of higher income people anyway have everything they need, so better focus on other things than hawking offers.

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