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Sunday, 20 October 2019


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Assumptions are the dark matter of all of humanity's accumulated knowledge, such as it is.

In this article, he also said "disappointment is the sole purpose of expectations".

Another nugget of wisdom.

Wonderful article by Roger Cicala. But I think you missed out on the best quotation: "disappointment is the sole purpose of expectations"

My new Sig!

Due to the xkcd comic on dark matter, we now have a “Dark Squirrel” theory that says to detect dark matter we just need to build a bird feeder that spins two squirrels around the rim in opposite directions at relativistic speeds and collides them together. I’m thinking “Dark Squirrel” theory accounts for 90% of the rest of the mass Roger mentions. This still leaves room for T.O.P. and Lensrentals.

Luckily, Calvin and Hobbes are working on a better name for dark matter.

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