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Wednesday, 09 October 2019


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As I'm always sayin', just sayin'!

Made me laugh, I have to say.

Is a camera without menus actually possible any more? Maybe if it's manual focus and only shot RAW - has Leica ever been tempted to try? I wouldn't like to guess if it is 'do-able', but one can dream...

I literally just got rid of my whole m43 system as I was going crazy switching back and forth between that and my Sony. Menus were only part of it, with button layout, differences in autofocus and other aspects adding to the confusion.

Leica's recent control patent, found at leicarumors https://leicarumors.com/2019/10/09/leicas-patent-for-a-gui-based-controls.aspx/

Do you really need more than this?

Huh! Menu system!!
It’s interesting how ever since I was a kid, a menu was that list of possible meals one could have when served specifically, but not always, in a restaurant. How things have changed!
Just sayin’!

Does the phrase, "It's good enough for me", exist in anyone else's vocabulary, or am I the only one?

With best regards,


Here's my thought: Some smart people ought to work with the camera companies on menu systems....and have them be like an app that you can download. The menu system creators could create different ones even for a single manufacturer.

Of course, I'd also love to be able to customize my menu system....

Just one more.

The irony is that many of those menus are part of the attempt to make the camera more automated and, er, simpler to use...

I shoot and edit in raw partly because I can't be bothered to learn all the in-camera image settings. Well, that's not the only reason, but you get what I mean.

I also lost count of all the AF combinations on my D800, and never bothered using more than two of them.

Is automation really 'automatic' if you have to reconfigure it all the time for it to work?

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