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Friday, 11 October 2019


Besides the mighty Noct and the nimble Z50, do not forget that 'compact' 28 and 40 mm lenses have been added to the Z system roadmap ;-)

Just a little correction, that 58mm focal length on 1.5× APS-C crop is actually equivalent to ~85mm-e-ish FoV - just about right for portraiture!

Russian Helios 44-series 58mm ƒ/2 lenses are loved on APS-C for the same reason. And swirly bokeh. And the price. And availability. Well, mostly because of the price.

[Thanks for the correction Neven--fixed now. --Mike]

I have been a Nikon crop sensor user for over a decade and feel no need to pony up for a full frame anything.
That said I really wish Nikon did a better job on DX lenses. The ones they make are excellent but the line is thin. I had to go third party for a wide angle zoom I liked. If anyone is curious it was an 11-16 2.8 Tokina which is a killer and dirt cheap.
I hope they make something like it for the Z50.

28mm and 40mm pancake lenses are in the pipeline for Z cameras. They're FX, but could be used on either DX or FX Z cameras.

"ships November 27th" - 7th of November here in the UK.

Unfortunately not with IBIS, but I do like that sensor, and this mainly DSLR user is looking forward to all those EVF benefits that mirrorless cameras bring. Just hoping the Z50 has the same manual focusing aids (peaking etc.) that the Z6 and Z7 have, as that's not been mentioned anywhere I've seen so far.

In the UK, some suppliers are effectively giving the FTZ lens mount adapter free with pre-orders, and that's what I've chosen. Not the kit lenses.

Some primes? Hopefully third-party manufacturers will offer us something more than they (or Nikon) did for F-mount. The 16mm/30mm/56mm trio from Sigma would be appreciated.

A Ford T story...

In the 1970s I read about someone in Australia having an unused Ford T!
People offered any amount of money to buy it, but he refused.

He explained that he had originally bought two as they were so good, and the first one was now beyond repair.

He had used it as his tractor on his farm and he would now start with nr. 2 - there was no better tractor on the market, he said.

I have Nikon D and Z systems, so I'm not a Nikon skeptic, but I find it curious that the Z50 is a 20.9mp camera, when most other APS-C cameras have 24mp+ sensors. Since I also shoot with Panasonic GX8s, I've found that 20-ish sensors are often quite good, and Nikon's might be even better since there is more real estate to spread the pixels around (better low light, maybe?) Still, it's odd.

I can tell you, the Z lenses are bricks. I'm not seeing much weight advantage with my Z6 and the 50mm over the D system, and I think they may be a little over-spec'ed for the Z50. Like you suggest, this is probably intended as a consumer model meant to be used with kit zooms.

As for the Noct, a poster on Luminous Landscape, who I believe lives in Japan, says the lens will retail for the equivalent of $11,000 in Japan. All for a little Bokeh? I can tell you, I have two 0.95 lenses for my Panasonics, and have found not much use for them. I guess there might be people who need to keep an eye in focus but the nose not, but...$8000?

If I was still a Nikon shooter I would order this camera right now but since Nikon never made any wide primes for it's APS-C cameras and they will probably NEVER will for their mirrorless cameras as well so who cares?

I get the impression that this might be a comfortable camera to use: grip looks about right size, the basic controls are at the fingertips and Nikon can make ergonomic cameras when they want.

That said, what's with the looks of this camera? Someone should design it a bit, this camera looks downright fugly.

This camera makes me glad I went to Fuji- there’s nothing in this camera that makes me interested, which, fair, as it’s aimed downmarket of where I would be looking. Still- this seems to be a first generation camera in a third generation market.

I think Edsel was held in high regard by everyone except maybe his father. He pretty much saved the company and fortunately was running the company during WWII rather than his father ( political rant deleted ) His son Henry II named his son after Edsel and unfortunately named that car after him too. Edsel would be better remembered as the force behind thr Lincoln brand and in particular the Lincoln Continental. Too bad his name became a joke because he was a pretty good guy.

Nikon is not late to the crop-sensor mirrorless game. They were there in 2011 when they introduced the Nikon 1 V1 and J1. Unfortunately, Nikon could never figure out what to do with that system, and let it languish and, eventually, die. It had potential that was never realized.

I consider the Z50 to be the successor to the Nikon 1 "V" cameras, except that it has a bigger sensor and lens mount. I think its immediate purpose is to encourage Nikon owners like me to buy Nikon mirrorless products rather than similarly-priced and spec'ed products from Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic. I have come close to buying either Olympus or Panasonic m4/3s cameras in the past, but was unhappy with one or more aspects of those cameras. The Z50 gives me more of a reason to ignore other brands. It's too bad the Z50 doesn't have IBIS. It would make buying that camera a true "no brainer" for me.

Yes, it does look rather like the Nikon-1 V2 on steroids.

However, I actually have a V2 (and several lenses) and am quite happy with it, so that should save me a few quid.

Unless I can find a low-mileage, good condition V2 body for back-up...

This story about Henry, Edsel and Chevrolet was new to me, and very interesting. It may well be that Edsel was underestimated …

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