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Friday, 18 October 2019


Olympus has been playing leap frog with the E-M5 and E-M1. As I wrote in my announcement article, the new E-M5m3 seems to land on the back of the frog in front of it.

I am pleased that Olympus added the ability to use expo comp in M mode with auto ISO, the only feature lacking in my E-M5.2.

I am not sure this one feature is worth the upgrade, but thank you Olympus.

People who are Olympus types will gush over it and maybe buy it. The rest of us will just ignore it. Nothing there to make me want to jump ship from the system I am currently using.

Too expensive (200€ less than now heavily-discounted EM-1 MkII), low-res EVF, and plastic body to reduce weight from the metallic old model... not interested, thank you very much.

Hi Mike,

The E-M5iii breaks "tradition" such as it may exist in the chaotic world that is digital photography, as an evolutionary update rather than debuting any new features and tools, as the prior two E-M5s did. Not a criticism but more a reflection of where the M5 now fits in the OM-D lineup, filling the yawning price-performance gap between E-M10 and E-M1. (It was formerly Oly's top m4/3 model.)

The 20MP PDAF sensor fixes most M5ii shortcomings and will greatly extend the camera's performance with moving subjects. Anybody using an E-M5 with a decent set of lenses should be thrilled at what capabilities the new camera brings to the table. I'll wait for the next E-M1 to see what tricks Oly has in store.


I want what will never be - Pen F MK II. If I had the money I'd at least buy an original (probably 2 of them, so I'd have a backup) and then not bother with another camera again.

When someone comes out with a modular screen in back, where I can choose tip or flip (or fixed, or even absent for max battery life!) - I'm watching, and waiting.

I guess I'm an "Olympus type." Lightness is important to my neck and shoulders. I don't think I see much evidence, for all the wondrous developments there have been in the great "full-frame" frenzy, that we are swamped with greater photographs to be seen. It was a revelation to me, when I got a little Olympus E-M10, how much more pleasant it was to be unburdened. I have wondered what the E-M5 III would be like. I can wait for it to be cheaper, but when I look at the cost of lenses in other systems, I am not deterred by its cost.

Almost a year ago, I dove head first into m43 just as everybody else seemed to be abandoning it in favor of Nikon Z or Fuji X. I wasn't just being contrarian. I was also being cheap.

Here's what I figured. I needed a competent couple of cameras that could back each other up, with snappy autofocus and a good selection of lenses, starting with a nice 35mm-e. I had a baby on the way, and weird arty cameras like the Sigma DP2 or a Fuji X-E1 with an 18mm-e lens were not going to cut it for baby photos.

I bought a used Panasonic GH2 an Oly EM-10 Mk1 a 17mm 1.8 and a 60mm 2.4 macro for less than what a Fuji XT-1 and 23mm 2.0 would have cost. That 17mm draws like a champ, and Olympus's color rendition is really quite rich. My wife and I both enjoy shooting with the macro. And I shot my sister in law's wedding with a rental 35-100mm.

I decided on Olympus. Just got an EM-5 Mk 1. In a generation or two, I may even get an EM-1, as I like the modern grip style better.

I could have gone Fuji, I guess. But the pseudo-manual control dials just don't appeal to me. If my camera has automatic, the controls should be for automatic. (Hey, my first camera was a Nikon Fm2, and I did my Leica year with an M3, so I know my way around shooting a manual.) And people rave about how the Fujis render, but I'm not super into it. The way the Olys render, though, I eat that right up.

Talk to me about full frame mirrorless when Sigma releases one with a Foveon sensor.

For the last 4 months I have been followed my Hong Kong protest. (I hope it would not affect your web site like NBA and if so, may be you do not need to publish it. The world is dominated by Chinese money. I do not like it but cannot boycott your site :-) :-()

The choice of camera is hard to record what ultimately in one walk 2 million people coming out. In fact I have to move from Hasselblad back, to Z7 (810 is too heavy) then micro 3/4 (EM5-II then to GF7, yes girl friend 7 not even GM5). I then move down to GoPro and a gamble based silly camera. Now as the government use the totalitarian law to enact a law in a few hours, I think the time to even take a snapshot using my iPhone 10 is out of the question. I would be jailed any time if I stand with another 2 persons. (Well I am old guy; lots of young kids was arrested and if <21, they would just custody them for waiting for reports leaving their parent completely off. If you believe as I have believed, we are already starting the journey to the Northern China Turks. Other than about 50-100 which disappear and might have killed, those torture ... sorry I cannot stop let me back to the camera choice)

You start to explain you just take a record but then you cannot be sure if you are arrested, those would be a record charging others. In fact, I start to point the camera in the direction of the people walk and then now just a few picture (and ensure it is only by iPhone 10, with no face unlocked when I am out and about). Do they take photos during revolution time.

I learnt that size is important and the way the camera present is important. EM5 is the lightest I have that I would call a proper camera. I think of my Nikon 1 but they are just no good as camera (even though I saw some good pic). EM5 is lovely to use and lovely to handle. Unfortunately lately it was too like a camera unlike my GF7 (the camera for girl friend to take selfie of themselves).

You do not choose the camera. I guess the situation choose it. The purpose. Not sure I will get this but other than the horrible menu system and names, may get this if I still have the mood.

As said, it is dark before sunrise. It is very dark here and we are not sure there will be a sunrise. (The discussion is about to enact a law that prohibit access to certain internet ... the starting of e-Chinese Wall to HK? They have the power to do that in a few hour. I guess this site may not be censored ba. We all install VPN now to start our "climbing the wall". For the money side, the last one they want is to stop free capital movement, but there are so many people opening overseas account my HSBC rep. told me that every branch has to donate one staff to HQ to deal with the move.)

It might be a new camera, as a remembrance for the end of Hong Kong.

Price seems like the only negative to me. A lot of the unfavourable comments seem to come from the incessant desire for something new for the sake of it. 'The sensor is getting long in the tooth' etc. etc. On the one hand people lament the commercial plight (alleged) of companies such as Olympus; on the other hand they make unrealistic demands for costly changes that will have no real impact on the functional value of the camera. I'll wait for the price to drop and get one, probably. The stabilisation (good for old manual lenses), and the lightness etc. are the main attractions.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to have several systems at once and purchased the Olympus OM-D EM-5 v1 6 months after the initial release. I shot it along with my Canon 5DmkII and L glass system. In good light it took stunning photos, even at ISO2500 with no noise. I gave to my son who still uses it and is doing some great work with it. I bought the OM-D EM-1 v1 used to replace it. Another great camera body available for $500 or less on the used market. This new EM-5mkIII will be a great camera too.
I think that it is a great time to own more than one camera if your budget allows and enjoy the features they each can offer. Olympus bodies are small , easy to carry and take great photos that can easily print to 16x20 for those still printing. m43's is far from obsolete and I do believe that AI will actually make these systems even more desirable - just look at what the iPhone XR and newer can do. I hope to see it applied to m43's systems - providing photographers with powerful cameras that are easy to carry with excellent optics, much lighter and smaller the the FF trends of today.

Literally, E-M5.3 is the new E-M1 series. Their decision to put PDAF to their mid level choice is IMo the correct decision especially in light of the new mirrorless offerings from others. Take note that the other brands' offerings (with exception of the 6600) seem to be lacking in both the CAF and IBIS area (literally crippled to ensure their FF premium offerings remain there), whereas OLY has put their tried and tested capability (the firmware upgrade E-M1.2 CAF ability) there. From this perspective I believe they are providing almost class leading ability at a slightly higher price premium.

To me, it would be a winner - imagine your top of the line camera, shrunk to 2/3 of its weight (and size). Whenever has Canon or Nikon or Sony produced a camera that replicates almost all the capabilities of their top model (1D; D series; A9 series) into a smaller size?

Assuming the video capabilities are the same and the IBIS works as is (unlike the Nikon Z series that is crippled in video), its going to be a great vlogging camera

I wonder when the E-M1.3 will be announced and hope it replaces the E-M1X for all practical purposes.

I'll be trying out the camera this coming Saturday at the HK announcement and wonder if it'll be enticing enough for me to buy it a my go to second camera.

For years I waited for Nikon FX. I used it for „serious“ shooting. For walks without any plan to take photographs, I took Nikon 1 with me. Now I use Nikon Z7 for those walks and a Hassy for “serious“ stuff. For Tele and Tilt etc. Nikon D850 is camera of choice. 4/3, Micro 4/3, DX were never there... Either too small a sensor, not complete as a system, etc. Compromises all the way, so I went for no compromise sensor-wise at least. No frog leaps I pay for. Probably my last cameras now. They are better than me anyway.

Just to add some sympathy for poor Dennis Ng and poor Hong Kong.

Comes out when I decided to keep the e-m10 and a couple of lenses as an everyday camera kept in the truck. And get a a6000 and a6400 as an alternative to the e-1 and ii. The e-m5iii is what I wanted the e-m1 to be. Small and with phase detect focusing and IBIS.

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