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Sunday, 01 September 2019


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Courageous post, Mike. I wish you success on putting your sugar addiction behind you. And (early) congratulations on making it to another sobriety anniversary - both of my grandfathers had substance addictions (both to alcohol, one also to narcotics), so I have some familial experience with how difficult they are to overcome.

Well written Mike. Good luck with the struggle, sugar is a tough one for me too. If I don’t have it around the house it helps, but it’s far too easy when out and about to give in to temptation.
Everything around us in the USA encourages over consumption.


Visit a church and listen to a sermon.

Dan K.

I could say that "it is ok," but as a fellow procrastinator, I know that it isn't ok. I think it is time to get less and smaller goals for yourself and make sure you accomplish them. There are times when we need to give ourselves a break, and then there are times when we need to suck it up and get stuff done. I feel a little unproductive myself and I think I need to find people that hold me to my goals. Maybe I'll sign up for a class or something.

Sugar addiction? Yes, of course. We are all hard-wired for an affinity to cheap calories. Spend 16 hours a day hunting and gathering, and it won’t be a problem.

Mike: Well, Summer’s over.

Assuming you’re still in the northern hemisphere, you have a few weeks to go.

Or maybe it’s the sugar talking.

As one of my friends reminds me when I get down on myself about diet and exercise "baby steps". Sometimes you just stall. Don't beat yourself up over it.

The whole science of craving is now looking at our microbiomes. Our body is host to may 2-3 times as many organisms as we have cells - trillions by current estimates, many unknown. Knowing you like to research interesting topics, I offer these from Futurity, the group that collects university research:


176 or so articles on the microbiome like the one above published by university researchers

Camels, really? Hard core!

Hey Mike, I've been paying careful attention to any number of off topic posts and even some on topic posts you've written over the last couple of years. There's a subtle underlying theme, IMHO, and it's getting me depressed.

It isn't about diet, it isn't about alcohol, it isn't about sugar rushes or smoking or any other vice. No, the common underlying theme is about getting old. I hear ya, man. I'm probably just a little older than you, and it resonates in very clear and uncertain terms. I'm going down that road, too. Of all the vices on this planet, the "I'm gettin' old" addiction is probably the worst. Time to kick that habit and take stock of all that's new and exciting. Gettin' old is just not worth a pity party. Embrace it, and all the rest of one's problems will become entirely manageable.

I know someone who's nickname is Prozac. His obsession is peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. I've known Prozac, for about fifteen years, and haven't a clue as to his real name—even his wife calls him Prozac. During this time I've never seen him eat anything except PB&J 8-0

Sugar is in everything—peanut-butter and spaghetti-sauce are not exempt. Some people fool themselves by saying I don't use sugar, I put honey in my tea. Yeah, right!

I have a strong dislike of sweet. I don't eat cake, candy, jam/jelly, pie, white-bread or yams. No sugar for my French Roast or Matcha.

We live in interesting times (Chinese curse reference). I often get disapproving looks when I refuse the offer to have Strawberry Jam slathered my Rib-Eye steak.

Hm, I discovered that when the cravings are at their worst, a new lens or a body or at least a bag help. At least for a while. One has to go outside to test it, has healthier life for a while etc. As we say over here: Two flies with one slap...

Like you I gave up nicotine and alcohol. Tobacco was a real b***h, alcohol not so hard. I decided to give up drink for 6 months to lose some weight and after 3 months decided I was a better without it.
I know I have a sugar addiction so stay away from it as much as possible. No sweets, or biscuits when I'm being good. When dieting I allow myself one biscuit at bedtime,safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to get out of bed for another one and anticipation of that one treat tides me through the difficult mid evening time.

I enjoy your WFPB posts. They inspire me to try and lose weight. I have already lost some but need to do more. Please keep the WFPB posts in a link somewhere so that I can read them again.

Thank you.

So once we have cured ourselves of these frightful addictions, we have a long and depressing old age to look forward to.

Perhaps the addictions were merely us developing management tools for later life?

Comme ci comme ça...

I am 72 years old. I quit smoking when I was 30. I smoked from high school through the military up until age 30. One+ packs of Camels, then to two+ packs of Marlboro, then to up to three packs of Vantage with its plastic filter and "low nicotine and tars". Notice an addictive marketing trend by the tobacco industry?! I also dabbled with "weed" during that time.

Then, I quit COLD TURKEY because the woman I fell in love with did not smoke and did not like being around smokers, especially when her year-old daughter was with us. I have not looked looked back, and like Dogman I can not stand to be around the smell of smoke or smokers.

Don't get me started on the latest marketing ploy..."I quit smoking and have turned to JUUL"....REALLY?

And, yes, I too enjoy a beer or two, a Black Russian, or nice dry Cabernet, but never too excess.

I applaud your convictions Mike and wish the continued success with the reduction or total elimination of damaging sugars. I was addicted, I use the word appropriately, to Diet Coke. My wife convinced me after much effort that aspartame was no good for me. Then I switched to regular Coke with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), a new addiction. Finally I kicked HFCS and have not had a "soda"or "pop", depending on where you live, in the past 10 years.

I am not bragging, just letting you know that all things are possible when you commit yourself to success. But you know that...29 years sober...34 years nicotine free...kudos to you Mike.

Me too. Summer may be over but so is the added temptation to sit in the garden with a beer or 2. (But beware the temptation of a nice single malt in the cold dark evenings indoors - if I have any in the house it lives far enough away that I can't just reach for it out of habit). I too hate having a fuzzy head and 2 occasions with the Scottish nectar have made me determined to never have a day after like that again.
Me too... a hernia op in March meaning that I had weeks of mashed vegetables (remarkably tasty with some seasoning) that meant the weight fell off me even though I was mostly immobile. Alas too much of it has gone back on again. I can recommend the 5-2 diet, it really worked for me even if some days it's just not possible to keep below 300 calories.

Suggestion one: find substitutes for sugar. Dates, almond butter and bananas are mine. Walnuts and guacamole also. All these are satisfying and healthy.

Suggestion two: keep sugar out of sight. Toss any you have, and don't buy any more. None. Nothing tempting within reach. Out of sight, out of mind. Let go of it.

Easier said than done? Give it a try. It works for me.

Hey Mike, you're craving sugar because your body is not adapted to burning fat as a fuel source. Look into IF (Intermittent Fasting).

Sugar craving is also a symptom of a lack of sodium. Your body needs sodium in a 1 to 2 ratio with potassium.


Thanks for a Sunday lesson that lasts a whole week long.

Hard numbers on diabetes are often difficult to substantiate and the 10% figure of people with "walking diabetes" (think "walking pneumonia") is one of those numbers. There is, however, wider agreement on a more worrisome statistic: about 25% of Americans have pre-diabetes, with obesity being its most notorious predictor.

Good post

Mike, if you've already surmounted the two huge hurdles of smoking and drinking then at least you have experience of achieving those goals as well as the inevitable setbacks that you encountered on the way to freeing yourself of those incredibly powerful addictions.

Keep working at it. Perseverance *always* pays off, even though many times it won't feel that way.

Congratulations, Mike! Keep it up!

More ammo: Added sugar is linked to cardiovascular disease as well.


Re: the controversy over Potatoes not Prozac and many other ideas good and bad about how to cure what ails us … a cartoon from the August 19, 2019 New Yorker …

A woman is sitting on the exam table while another woman in a white coat and stethoscope (a doctor I think -- there was a time when the assumption would be that she was a nurse) says, "You should start taking probiotics now before we discover that they don't make any difference."

Very Well Said! It inspires me a lot. Thanks!

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