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Wednesday, 11 September 2019


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Gave me chills as well.

Question for James: how in the world did he get into his head that this would be Robert Frank??


What an intriguing and charming story. We wish the great man a safe journey onward, he has done some powerful things down here whilst he was around.

What a great story, and one of those 'Treasures of a Lifetime' for you. Thanks.

I have this theory, -I can't support it in any way other than that it has been true over and over again in my life. It is that if you 'go out of your way' , 'go out one more time', stay a little longer, think positively about the photographers who came before you, 'Look Gratefully' at what is laid before you, and you do it as a matter of course in the way you work, You will often be rewarded with a picture.

It certainly seems to be true for you, what a treasure.

I never met Robert Frank but have been an admirer of his work for many years.
Several years ago I read a story perhaps in the Times or some other print or web publication regarding a ceremony that he was to attend to lecture or receive an award.
His only pair of pants needed to be replaced before the ceremony and someone was sent to fetch.
The author of the piece felt it relevant to reveal the waist and length of the garment.
I was overtaken with pride to know that while I would never be able to fill his shoes his pants would be a perfect fit.
Kaddish for Robert Frank.

"Searching for one great photographer and finding another." - what a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

Brilliant. It is just such chance encounters that provide rich nuance to living.

I met Robert Frank very briefly after a talk he gave at the Cantor Museum in Stanford University. It was fantastic listening to him demythologize the pap that the art history PhDs were spouting. :)

His "The Americans" has been an inspiration to me since I was 16. Though he may be gone now, he will always be here for me.


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