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Wednesday, 07 August 2019


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Um, you do know you can take photos at night, correct? I've been doing so for more than a decade now, so I know for a fact that it's not only technically possible, but also a lot of fun!

You have a taste for expensive lenses, don’t you? ;).I have some nice Fuji XF lenses too, but not those three. Pardon my envy.

Oh my, once you start shooting with the 90mm, I doubt we will hear from you for a while.

would be very interested to hear your comments on the lenses. i use a kit with 18~55 , 10~24 and the 50~140mm f. 2.8 and they are amazing. just moved up from the XPro1 to the XE3. i do wish that fuji would have some serious tele lenses to offer such as a 300mm or a 500 mm. previously used Nikon for almost 40 years.

Have fun!

I know right now your giddy with goodies, but this too shall pass. When you spot the next got to have toys, you may need my mailing address to dispose of those that have lost their luster. Just saying.

That 90mm is an incredible lens. It's very sharp and renders out of focus areas beautifully. It focuses fairly close too. I am more of 28-35 (18-13) person, but I really love that lens.

That's a very nice package. I also received something for my Fuji, a $20 adapter for my older Pentax lenses. I can already tell that I will use the 77mm limited on it. It's compact and the images look gorgeous. I think it works out to 115mm equivalent, with is not common but works.

The 90/2 is a very cool lens. I never liked the bokeh of the 56/1.2 R. In fact I traded it in for the 56/1.2 APD, which is a lot nicer in this discipline.


An old master of the lost art of common sense used to say, "Never let a fox into the hen house nor a kid into the candy store."

And we all get the message when you displayed your new toys in TOP.

Dan K.

I'm surprised you bought a 90mm. I remember an article saying how vestigial 135mm primes are (good article by the way):


Looking forward to your pictures and comments on those lenses.

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