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Sunday, 11 August 2019


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That would be an interesting photo assignment for TOP readers, to make self portraits of themselves in their own environment

Shoot. I graduated high school in 1970, missed by one year.

I like Kenneth Wajda's idea for a TOP photo assignment. It might make a very big blog post, though!

Love the self portrait, but the Duck picture is beyond wonderful......
Beautiful work !

I looked at the project on Dave Levinston's Facebook page. I love the colossal MIDWESTERN-NESS of these environmental portraits.

If the mark of a “great” photograph is indelibility of the tattoo it leaves on a viewer’s memory then Dave Levingston certainly achieved greatness with that “turkey man” image several years ago! It certainly has displaced any Norman Rockwellian Thanksgiving images in my mind! And yes its composition and composure reminds me of Alfred Eisenstadt’s equally memorable color environmental portrait of Alfred Krupp. But the turkey man also always reminded me of Max Schrek’s character in the very creepy 1922 silent film Nosferatu.

Re: “Class of ‘69”, nice project concept. I was 15 so I’m (happily) not eligible!

I graduated from primary school in 69...

My High School class was '59. I'll be going back there in the fall to see who's still around. It's the school's 100th anniversary as well, so they are making quite a big deal of it. I would be taking a camera anyway, but this gives me an idea...(and a challenge).

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