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Thursday, 15 August 2019


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Great picture and a great argument for printing BIG. That photo should be Thomas Struth size at the least, although Andrea Gursky or Jeff Wall size might do it a disservice. If only I wasn’t living through my own, personal Great Recession . . .

BTW, I see no need to take gratuitous shots Hiroshi Sugimoto, a great artist and a gentleman both. I’m a big fan of Ms. Perry’s, but there’s not much question which I’d rather have hanging on my wall. Although I suppose that Sugimoto-san has reached the point in his career where he can brush off such vexation.

I had to laugh out loud when I first saw this photo. Somewhere in those Lineco Museum boxes staring down on me from the shelf above the computer is one I did a few years ago that is very close to Leigh's. I would have sent a JPEG but I would have to find it among all the files I have never managed to organize.

No one who has seen my photo ever got it. It's just a white brick wall and parking lot with scuff marks to most people.

Actually I like Leigh's better than mine. The repetition of the tire mark in Leigh's photo makes it.

So ... it's not abstract ... it's concrete ?

It is a great photo. Reminds me of Jay Maisel talking about how, when people ask "why did you take that picture" about certain images, he replies "how could you NOT ?"

Hello, I am interested, but the order page doesn't say anything about non-USA orders and shipping. Especially since I am in Australia, and the prints have to go to Australia for signing. An Australia-only shipping rate might be sensible.

Feel free to email me in reply. cheers

[We could do that, but it would be such a hassle we'd have to charge you $35. :-) --Mike]

That photo really doesn't speak to me. At all. But I wish you and Leigh great success with the print sale. I appreciate the fact that you put these on.

Dear Arg,

Yes it does. I quote:

"The prices on the buttons include ALL shipping and handling charges, which are the same for anywhere in the world, in or out of the US."

Please understand that my international shipping rates are highly subsidized. Actual shipping costs are twice that. Even if Leigh and I were willing to go through the hassle of sorting an Australian order from the rest, you wouldn't save money.

Mike thought he was joking, but not so much.

pax / Ctein

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