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Friday, 16 August 2019


A Pentax K-10D, purchased in 2007, was my first digital ILC. Bought it with the DA* 16-50 and 50-135 zooms. One of the first DSLRs with IBIS, IIRC. Sold them late last year for the Sony a6500 and the SonyZeiss 16-70, Sony 10-18, and Sigma DN 30. Was happy with the results from the Pentax, thought it was a well laid-out camera that seemed to be designed by photographers, but wanted something lighter and more compact, and the Sony meets that requirement. The Pentax seemed a bit more "engaging", though, and I don't get that same sense from the Sony, although it is a fine photographic tool, and would take a far better photographer than I am to exceed its' capabilities.

Notice how color-coordinated Mark is? His camera and its L-Plate, his clothes and his lovely Triumph all have those red and black tone.

The "new" 35mm lens is actually an old design to which they added new HD coatings. It's a fine lens nonetheless, very very sharp, gorgeous rendering and still light and nice to use. And not expensive at all for what you get - a molded glass aspherical lens element, instead of the hybrid aspherical (glass+plastic) that is so common nowadays.

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