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Saturday, 17 August 2019


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After earning a Masters in Photography from San Francisco State University I became a COBOL programmer and served in that capacity for thirty years

Creating software and pre-visualization in the days of film both concerned the creation of an invisible construct.

Making an image based on the intensity and color of light in a black box and then interpreting the negative has great similarities to writing source code and running it through a compile.

Great photo by Leigh Perry and a shout out to any COBOL Cowboys reading this post.

Here in Palm Springs they have taken an old bank building and one day on a long walk I stop to see what's showing. No shows that day.
The large open space was empty so I took a picture of the floor and the far wall. It was OK but I was never happy with the WB. I put it up on flickr and it got a lot of views. More than thought the photo deserved. I finally removed it.

Now comes your picture sale and it looks like I stole his idea. Except the two little markings on the wall and floor. Magic.

Next time I see a nice wall/floor ripe for a photo I'll make sure I take a Magic Marker.

It has to be magic.

Minimalistic, ok, but not 'magic'???. A computer screen is not the right place to see these photos, on paper they will look much better, I hope ... But I can not make a good appraisal from looking at the tumbnails on his site.

A great example of "less is more". I like it very much. Never thought about the analogy between code writing and analog photography, interesting!

Slightly tangential: what's the name for the viewing hood on Leigh's camera as shown in that picture? I've recently started exploring large format photography myself, and that looks like a wonderful alternative to ducking under a cape.

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