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Sunday, 18 August 2019


Just checked at Amazon. The price WITH GR|IP is less than without!

Get thee from me Satan

I just got back from playing with an X-H1 at the store for an hour. I really wanted to love it, mostly for IBIS and the hi res viewfinder. I went back and forth with my X-T1 and the H, and I like the old camera a tad more. That surprised me. Perhaps my next camera will be a used X-T2. I want that Acros simulation.

To make it even more difficult to resist, B&H offers the added grip plus two additional batteries for the same price — and instantly rebates sales tax where state law permits if its store credit card is used.

No doubt Fuji is clearing out their 'new/old' inventory for the next model, but this is a crazy good deal. The X-H1 has rock-solid build quality, the nicest shutter release ever, IBIS, and image quality good enough for anything short of gargantuan prints. Even if you never use the battery grip, the kit comes with *three* batteries, which would cost about $200 retail by themselves.
Dang it, Mike. I already own too many cameras. Now it's N+1.

What about Europe??? 🙁

This was really tempting at 1299
It's insane at 999
And then, again, to thoroughly give in to the temptation, I'd need a lens.

My first move away from big DSLRs was the X-Pro1 years ago. Spent some time with Fuji then got lured into trying other cameras (Nikon, Olympus, Sony). Realizing that photography wasn't as much fun as it had been with Fuji's, I came back to Fuji when my local shop had a used X-H1 for a good price.

This was the camera I was waiting for. Fit me well, had IBIS and had the intuitive Fuji interface. It was the first camera I had in a long time that I didn't feel the need to upgrade when the next version came out. Fast forward to today, still have the camera and love it.

I now go back and forth between the prime vs soon debate. Love the speed and light weight of the primes but I hate changing lenses in the field. One of my favorite times shooting was when I had two bodies with a wide angle lens on one and a tele on the other.

Ok Fuji, you WIN! Take my money. I should be shooting with an X-H1 / 16mm f1.4 and X-H1 / 56mm f1.2 by the end of the week.

And the X-100f is $1,169.96 at B&H.

Bring on the X-100V (X-200)!

Hi Mike,

I wrote some months ago that I'd become disillusioned with the X-H1 because of a trivial issue: the exposure compensation button. Nevertheless, my love was renewed when I followed a tip from a fellow TOP reader to assign exposure compensation to the rear command dial. My thanks to Michael Bulbenko!

The renewed affair encouraged me to buy the XF 16-55/2.8 which becomes a solid proposition in concert with the camera's IBIS. An outstanding lens (despite my preference for the XF primes).

$999 is the bargain of the decade for those wanting a superbly-built DSLR-style APS mirrorless for general photography (I've read there may be a few sports shooters whose mileage differs). Indeed, I use my X-T3 as a backup only, despite it being the newer and "better" body. I'm not sure I'll be able to resist a second X-H1 if that price is reflected in Europe.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this apparent fire sale. While the X-H1 seems to have attracted some devotees (you, for one, at least this summer) it always struck me as a miscalculation by Fuji. I think it’s wonderful that Fuji packages essentially the same APS-C sensor so many ways to cater to so many enthusiast fetishes. But the X-H1 seemed to cross a price/size boundary. Even with its Fuji-unique IBIS it seemed a poor value. I don’t think micro 4/3 makers have done well selling larger bodied cameras either.

Still, whether or not there is a successor model, it seems a perfect time for fence-sitters to make their move for what may be the best price on a brand new big Fuji!

Fuji X-H1 $999. The latest and greatest 1" sensor Sony RX100VII is $1198. One thousand one hundred ninety eight dollars. A camera that many reviewers say produces images barely superior to that of a good cell phone camera. I almost, barely, look forward to observing what the camera market will be like in ten years.

Too good to pass up. Ordered mine yesterday! (No matter what the future may bring in gas-worthy equipment, I’ve always subscribed to n-1 products as the sweet spot in value and technology).

This is a real, no BS bargain. I bought mike at the $12 hundred deal and have no regrets. I can hand hold a 5th of a sec and have a sharp photo. This is also a better camera with larger lenses. I particularly like it with the 90 and the 55-200.

Wex photographic in the UK list the body only as discontinued and no further stock will be coming in! Buy now at this super discount.

I really did not need to see this...resistance is futile.

Just shows how much you, like me, but in quite different ways, are out of the mainstream of camera buyers.

All cameras these days, except, perhaps, true Pro models, are made in batches. If demand has been mis-estimated, one of two things happens.

Underestimated, they run out before everyone who might want one has one. If the follow-on model doesn't happen, or is late, sales are lost. The Panny GM5 is an example. Clean used ones are very hard to find, and much more expensive than one would expect of a used digicam.

Overestimated, they need to find a way to minimize the losses of profits from sale prices. In the case of this fire sale, I'd guess that sales of the camera were under what they planned for, and nobody was buying the vertical grip.

They could let them molder, slowly selling off, but carrying inventory costs money, too, or bite the bullet.

A bargain is only a bargain if you actually want it.

I also wish I hadn't seen this. I got B&H email yesterday and the temptation is now into its second 24hr span. The XH1 really wouldn't offer an image any better than my Xpro2 and that is a little safety net to NOT buy one. But I want one. I don't need one.

Adding a second body would mean I'd want to take a second body and then before you know it the bag has a grown to full size Nikon DSLR proportions. This is the point of the Fuji for me.

Tomorrow I head north with a small 20 year old Dome 803? small satchel bag with my 35/50 Fujicrons and a rental 18mm F2 lens. The 18 doesn't seem to be the dog the "press" would make it out to be. They need to redo the 18 but this ain't bad.

I hope the sale is over while I'm away.

Ha! Yes! There is hope. It's now backordered at B&H, now I can breath

Very, very tempting, even now after they are on backorder (still at that price). However, I need lenses. To have two bodies and one autofocus lens would be, well, something I've never done.

@stephanrussel I also had some initial struggle with the X-H1, but as a manual shooter. For me I finally settled on rear dial shutter, iso with the smooth and easy top dial, and f-stop with lens or front dial. I hated adjusting shutter with the top dial.

Just ordered mine (using your link)! But it's now backordered a couple of weeks. I've been contemplating upgrading from my X-T1 for a while, and the X-T3 looks great, though I don't really do video, and I would love to have IBIS since I often shoot with the 23 and 35 f/2 primes. This was just too good of a price to pass up, even if it will be replaced soon. Considering its got the grip and 2 extra batteries, it's cheaper than the X-T2 body alone was at $800.

I rented the X-H1 a year ago to shoot at Fallingwater, Frank Lloyed Wright's masterpiece (lives up to the billing, worth taking the early morning in-depth tour, FYI). I didn't mind the slightly larger size and grip, it fits my hand better than the X-Tx which can be a little fiddly for me. The quiet shutter sound is sublime. I don't miss the exp comp dial as I always turn it the wrong way. The easy-to-hit Q menu button was the only ergonomic problem. Not as elegant looking camera as the X-Tx's, though, and it did seem to go through batteries at a rate of knots.

As a bonus, the X-E3 is only $600 at B&H, so that can become my smaller walk-around camera (replacing my old X100s, which is fun to shoot but is very slow to work with by comparison, and has very "non-standard" menus and controls vs the current Fujis). So I picked that up as well. All change!

As I have explained in my comments on earlier columns, my own take on Fuji is that it is a natural "two bodies, three primes" system. Or "three bodies, five primes" if you want to go wider. The whole system then acts as one single camera in flexible re-combinations of its elements.

In this context, for me the XH1 is the camera that supports the bigger lenses, at both sides of the spectrum: the 16mm f/1.4, the 90mm f/2, also the 56mm f/1.2. Combined with the 16mm f/1.4, the XH1 forms the most wonderful organic unit, feeling almost light in the hand and unobtrusive in use, despite the relative bulk of the camera and weight of the glass. The shutter is a dream. I am an XPro2 man by nature, but the XH1 has similar depth in its design and gestalt, just taken in a different direction.

Those not yet in the system: get the XH1 at the current bargain price and use the savings to also get the out-of-this-world lens that is the 16mm f/1.4. You won't need another 24mm-e setup ever again.

Want to point out that its not just the X-H1.

For about the same price, you can get an X-T20 with the 23mm 2.0 lens, or an X-T2 in graphite silver, or an X-T30 with 15-45mm zoom.

I hope you still do the piece about your feelings about the H1.
After all, the camera is what it is and the change in price doesn't affect that. In fact you should buy a backup body, and your average cost will be $500 bucks!
From what little I've read, if there is an H2 in the wings, it will be heavier on video features.
It looks like a lovely camera to me.

The manager of our local wine store, Keith, sends out periodic emails with very good deals on excellent wines. We call him "Evil Keith".

You are evil, Mike.

"Bargain" is an oft-used term, but meaningless here when $200 is all one can scrape up occasionally for this hobbsession. Good thing for me that $200 can bring such wonders as the K-5, GX7 or similar roughened gems.

And so another deal of the century must pass me by.. 'tis a great price for those who are in that price neighborhood though, no doubt!

Always late to the party and well behind the curve (by choice) I just bought a Olympus OMD-EM10, my first mirrorless. Well, we shall see if I can stand the electronic viewfinder. After years of looking through a OM-1 it will be hard to adapt but I intend to give it a go.

Bought one last week through your link on your recommendation and love it, excellent camera (I was using an XT10 already). Spoke to B&H this morning about the new price and getting a refund, thanks!

I'm a bit late to this party, but B&H also has an insane combo deal with the vertical grip, 8-16mm f2.8 lens, 32GB SD, and a backpack: $2,300. Currently backordered, however.

Depending how you want to work that math, you're getting the camera, grip, card, and bag for $300 with your lens purchase. Or you could think of it as a lens, card, grip, and bag for $100 on top of the original retail price of the camera.

"Would you like to add fries and a camera to make that a combo?"

I've mentioned this before, but the "underperformance" of the Fujifilm X-H1 was due to poor marketing by Fujifilm as to whom and what this camera was intended for.

With all due respect to Ken Tanaka, I don't think the X-H1 was a mis-calculation by Fujifilm. I think it fulfills its design brief superbly. It was designed as a strong, robust, tough & durable professional body with a very stiff & strong lens mount for use with big, fast professional XF mount telephotos & MK Fujinon cinema lenses while providing IBIS, and it accomplishes that design brief superbly. I've had it confirmed for me first-hand by a Fujifilm executive that the lens mount on the X-T2, the other comparably specified X-camera available at the time, was not strong & stiff enough for mounting the XF200mm f/2.0, a lens which was key in Fujifilm's lens portfolio, and they needed a body that could do that, and also serve as a development platform for their IBIS system. The professionals that use it that I've talked to REALLY like it for professional work, as do I (in fact, I have a professional assignment with it tonight)

If you haven't shot with this camera in demanding professional use-cases or with a big, fast, prime telephoto for tough, demanding sports photojournalism, or the equally superb 8-16mm f/2.8 for architectural work, then respectfully, one won't be able to appreciate the body design, the superb grip, the really useful top display and the amazing shutter mech of this camera. It's the designed the way it is for the exact same reasons as a Canon 1D-series body.

IMHO (along with the X100F), the X-H1 is the best X-camera body Fujifilm has ever made, and also has the best image quality this side of any GFX-body.

@Stephen Russel: My mileage using the X-H1 for professional motorsports photography for the last year and a half has been excellent.

Kyle Larson, winner of the 2019 SaveMart 350 at Sonoma Raceway, X-H1 and XF200mm f/2.0


+1 for what Mr. Scharf says above. The X-H1 is the best platform they make for their lenses. I have extracted more information using this weighty, IBIS equipped body than I have from any of the others. Its build quality is a step above the rest, too; I can understand its appeal to pros.

Gee. I never thought about the X-H1 before. Maybe I should look into getting one.......or two.....or three.....

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