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Monday, 19 August 2019


I would've thought they were a mob of angry vegans ... or omnivores ... or something.

When they come to my door, I jam marshmallows on their tines.

While you’re waiting, try to find the movie “Jay Myself” - it’s Stephen Wilkes homage to his mentor Jay Maisel focused around Maisel’s moving out of his bank building in NYC. The story itself is great - esp the views of his collections filling the 72 rooms of the building- but even better is Maisel’s photos and advice on photography sprinkled throughout.
I will try to track down when it will be available streaming since it’s unlikely to see widespread theatrical release.

Quick, bring out that gatling gun, or the blunderbuss or - better still - load that 9 pounder cannon with grapeshots and light the powder!

See that guy in the middle, with his fist raised? That’s me!!
No, not really. You’ve had that proverbial ‘full plate’.

It was so long ago, I forget did I submit this one?


....and.....add to TO DO.....Guest post.....O.T......guns.....coming this week.....?

They don't have torches yet. So no need to worry.

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