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Wednesday, 03 July 2019


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Amen! And Mike, thank god you are back.

What a great segue to a question about where you are with your book project. My Visa card is locked and loaded.

TOW... The Online Writer. Doesn’t have the same ring.

[Well, in the initial conception, YOU are the online photographer...that is, each reader is. Me too, but certainly not just me. --Mike]

Where do I get that 'Camera Work' tshirt?

@ MIke: "YOU are the online photographer" Yep!

A good few years ago, I saw a band called Shamus O'Blivion and the Megadeath Morrismen. They played loud folk rock, and handed out broom handles wrapped with coloured tape, for all us bikers to bang on the floor in time to the music.

At the end of the night, they left us, with "We were Shamus O'Blivion, you have been... the Megadeath Morrismen" (Big cheer from the audience)

To my great surprise and delight, the band is still going:

Mike said: I was 18, so of course I wanted to be famous right then, or the next month or the next year, not a long trudge of ten years out toward the horizon.

Emmylou Harris sang:
Nobody's gonna make me do things their way
By the time you figure it out it's yesterday
Well it comes to he who waits I'm told
But I don't need it when I'm old and gray
Yea I want it today
Emphasis added.

My sentiments, exactly.

There are lots of ways to write. Some authors put pencil to legal pad, other dictate to a secretary using a typewriter. I'm set up to dictate to my iPhone, synced to my iMac through the cloud. In three week, I could have have written 255 Shades of Grey ;-)

A creator creates because he or she has no choice. They are compelled. They simply must. It is as simple, and complex, as that. To do otherwise is akin to denying oxygen to that creator. Without that existential need being met, that individual will cease to exist.

If one lacks that compelling force, I’d argue they are not a creator. No harm, vice, or shortcoming there. Just a simple statement of fact.

Hey Mike, I've finally made it as a pro photographer! Really, I'm a flatbed semi truck driver who hauls lumber to construction sites, locally, in Las Vegas. Actually, I have to photograph the lumber units as a forklift driver removes them from the trailer. It's proof that 84 Lumber fulfilled their order obligation. Sometimes framing companies claim they didn't receive their stuff; well, the photographs I take offer proof. CYA.

My camera of choice is a Google Pixel 3XL. I gotta tell ya though that Google did a brilliant job with their camera app software. My lumber photos really stand out in juxtaposition to the other drivers, er, I mean the other pro photographers 😁. I'm like the Ansel Adams of lumber landscapes hahaha. I finally made it! 😀👍

[Congratulations Jeff! :-) --Mike]

I'll try working harder. I want to continue to be a professional photographer!

[No, sir, YOU should give it a rest! <*wink*>

The first three weeks of my recent recovery period from surgery, which took place a month ago tomorrow, was the longest stretch I've gone without writing in decades. I believe that's literally true. I love to write, and I do it most days. It was tough to be forced not to do it for the better part of a month.

Not surprising. In one* of his autobiographies, Isaac Asimov said that he HAD to write at least 2000 words a day. He normally traveled by train, and he carried a full-sized IBM typewriter with him whenever he traveled so he could get his daily fix even when on the move. (He also had multiple IBM typewriters, so he would always have a backup available even if one failed while another was in the shop for an overhaul.)

As I recall, at his death 30 years ago he had something on the order of 650 published books. And they ranged from multiple types of fiction through multiple non-fiction subjects ranging from science through an annotated guide to Shakespeare and an annotated guide to the Bible.

* He wrote an autobiography, and then years later wrote a second one from scratch rather than just updating the first one.

- Tom -

Three million words... I wonder what that works out to in photographs. Anyone have any thoughts? (and don't give me the "Picture is worth a thousand words" calculations. That is information content not learning content.)

For your viewing pleasure - Suzi Eszterhas: "The Life of a Wildlife Photographer" | Talks at Google


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