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Friday, 12 July 2019


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I've frequently said, that if I could swap my golf scores with my bowling scores, I wouldn't be so embarrassed to divulge either.

I quit them both.

This is a little more on the lines of your July 8 post, but I like this book, so -

A few years ago I read a golf book - “A Fine Green Line”, even though about golf, I think it applies to many things in life. Some guy who had been a very good athlete in college (QB) was playing a casual round of golf, shot a 70, said to himself – Hey, that's almost good enough to play on the PGA tour, if he could just become more consistent. Went to a swing coach and said he wanted to work with him, how many strokes did the swing coach think he could knock off this guy's score. A few strokes probably. Guy said yeah, but I'm going to work really hard, how many then? A few strokes. The coach said the swing is very complicated, uses most of the muscles in the body and a few strokes is about what he'd found working with many already good golfers.

Guy worked hard, played in the mini-tournaments in Florida, could never achieve that level of consistency he'd need to make the tour. His point ended up being that what can seem like a small difference (the title of the book) is in fact a very big difference, very hard to close that last little gap to the professional level.

Good to have you back Mike. I have started reading some of the books recommended by you and other readers of the site. I have noticed less comments...Is that because of you (having a backlog) or people stopped commenting after you came back?

Ah Patreon! I’ve been wanting to remind you that you are not putting your cryptic Patreon reminder at the end of every post as you were doing before you went for the eye op. I thought you should have put it on the re-posts — missed opportunity. However your Patreon supporters did get up to 740 while you were away :-) and I thought you were going to hit your 750 target but then they slipped back :-( .
To stay on topic, Turkey took delivery of its Russian missiles yesterday so there may be another spat in US/Turkey relations, though maybe not with the present soppy ‘a’p’orth in charge :-( .

Hi Mike,

I’m still around. I still read your columns as they come out and enjoy them as much as always. I retired about 6 years ago and closed my photography business so I had to discard my old business email address.

It’s funny you chose relay my golf story when you did. I had lost track of my Turkey golfing partner for several years and just got a call from him last week.

Hope your writing will continue for many years.

Wendell Webb

BTW, I sent you a $1 contribution by PayPal. :)

Ha! Growing up in Scotland, where nearly every place has the two social essentials of at least one pub and at least one golf course, because it's the working man's game, I played a lot. By the time I stopped at 14, I wasn't particularly good, but not particularly bad either. Moving on 40 odd years: our company had an away day with a golf clinic at a driving range as part of the event. I was first up, took a couple of swings with awful outcomes and the coach asked me "do you do martial arts?" I had done for many years, aikibudo and kobudo, which involves a lot of wooden weapons, and I told him so. "Step away from the tee," he said. "You're trained not to be able to come almost out of balance as a proper swing requires. You'll never play golf again." Ah well, more time for cameras :-)

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