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Tuesday, 16 July 2019


Amazon UK does not have any Prime deals on Dyson. Needless to say I am not happy about this.

[Sorry David. I was only looking at the US site. --Mike]

It's also 50 years since the launch of Apollo 11.

In a century all serious historians will agree that the Apollo programme was the highpoint of western civilisation. There were, of course significant achievements after Apollo – Voyager, the Hubble space telescope and its successors, images of black holes, the development of economic fusion power even, although it was too late. And there was very considerable social progress after Apollo: for nearly 45 years things improved steadily. But the rise of the oligarchs with their encouragement of stupidity, xenophobia and science denial in the second and third decades of the 21st century was the beginning of the end. The two nuclear wars of 2032 (US-China) and 2035 (Russia-China-UK) while limited, killed well over half a billion people. Climate change (denied, of course, by the oligarchs but well-known to be an existential threat by the turn of the millenium) did the rest: the harvest failures of 2040 killed nearly 150 million people in North Americs and marked the effective end of the US: after 2040 there were never less than two presidents claiming authority over what had been the US, and in 2053 there were, briefly, seven. By 2060 the population of the former US was estimated at under ten million, of which no more than a few tens of thousands had access to electricity. The UK also essentially ceased to exist in the 2040 war. The northern areas of continental Europe are still relatively benign: Italy, Spain, Greece, much of southern France have been lost to climate change.

When the remains of the Spanish Armada escaped into the North Sea and round the north of Scotland back to Spain, there were some severe storms and a number of ships were wrecked on the way, but there were survivors. This could account for your 12%.

All racists should study DNA. We were once all African, and walked on all fours.

Regarding your 12% Spanish DNA, apart from the Roman legions and the already mentioned Armada, people just moved about more than we usually know about. The example that I like is that King Alfred the Great (to be) travelled to Rome twice as a child in AD 850ish which we only know about because of his status but how many others there we don’t really know. Of course your Spanish ancestry might have roots nearer home (ie USA) too ;-)

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