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Wednesday, 17 July 2019


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And he had good taste in cameras too.

Just sayin ...

Reminds me of my time in Cyprus, when only English tourists would walk the coastal trail in the burning sun, carrying a small bottle of water and not wearing a shirt or a hat. All sane people were inside, under a beach umbrella or at least hiding in the shade...

I'll beat the heat by reading TOP. Mike is cool.

I had many good years with s Rolleiflex, in my opinion one of the high points of camera design.

Today, Wed July 17, it was 76 degrees F and 76% humidity at 7:30am, here in Huntington Beach, CA. 76F is nice, 76% humidity ain't!

̶M̶a̶d̶ fitness dogs and Californians go out in the noonday sun. It's 6:00pm, time to go out for my evening walk.

When I read Mad Dogs and Englishman I can't help to think of this early 70's performance By Joe, Leon and friends. One of my favorite live performances.

RIP Joe Cocker.


[Now that's a rock show. --Mike]

here's a great take on mad dogs https://bloodnok.uk/aac/maddog.m4a

Replace "Rolleiflexes" with "smartphones", and people will get it :)

entrenous had me puzzled till I spotted the rhyme

He had to have been in the groups to even hear them... Beautifully quiet things. :-)

Best way to keep cool; Move to Oregon.

Here in Ireland we have a temperate climate to be thankful for! Looking west and east respectively these days, Mad dogs and many Englishmen seem to already have been out in the mid day sun...

During my childhood in Alice Springs, in the centre of Australia, airconditioners were an unheard of luxury. In summer the temperature regularly got up to around 105 Farenheit (we used the system of the imperialists back then). The bath was kept full of water - but long immersions were not needed, a quick in and out, minimal drying, and the subsequent evaporation kept you cool.

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