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Tuesday, 02 July 2019


Welcome back to the living, breathing world!

What I've tried to do the last dozen or so years is buy books that are somewhat out of my usual scope of familiarity. I've passed on some really good books simply because I've already amassed a lot of similar work... Basta! It also saves a lotta cash I don't have, and helps expand the horizons.


Firstly, it's good to know that your graft is successful, even though it's happening to one eye first.

In the world of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Secondly, in the world of story telling, nothing better than telling a story of our second chances in life. Next generation can learn from our legacy.

Dan K.

And now for a word about... ebooks!


Check out Borges essay On Blindness. It explains sense decline better than any other. Also the place of books in a life is always a part of his literary journeys.

A Photo Book is a portable exhibition you can revisit anytime. You would never "run" through an exhibition like Superman flipping pages. Slow and considered savouring each; linger a while at the ones that really speak to you ... then move on.

I had a photo-book crisis the other day. In a secondhand shop, browsing along the shelves, I came across the Ansel Adams books "The Negative" and "The Print". The classics for a darkroom printer such as myself, or perhaps not.

Flicking through it became clear that there was little information that I didn't already have covered, and generally with more up-to-date materials. I put the two books back in their place and was rewarded for my sensible decision by a copy of Brassai's "Paris by Night" a few shelves further on. This book made it's way home with me.

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