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Sunday, 28 July 2019


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Beautiful print!
Since their business is in my neck of the woods, I might reach out to them sometime in the future, whenever I have something that I think could be printed better than I am able to manage.

I think it was a beautiful print, I only wish I could have had the budget for the larger print! I agree that the online jpeg does not do the print justice, the colors really are amazing in person. I love the choice of paper, I think the texture really adds to the image. Regarding the administrative stuff, the print was very well packaged for shipping and arrived quickly.

I have mine matted and framed and hanging in my family room on a wall where I look at it every day. I am enjoying it. The printing turned out well.

I bought this print as a gift for my wife. She has a real love of photos that are almost but but not quite monochrome, and this fits that description perfectly, as well as being a beautiful image. She _really_ loved it!

Love it, but due to procrastination, I have yet to frame it. Money well spent is not missed, and I'm very glad I didn't miss the opportunity to get a print of this photo.

Very pleased with the print. A very good example of the jpg not conveying the full story. Just need to get the thing on the wall - frame arriving this week.

Just one comment: Due to stuff happening in life I missed the sale. Sh**. Really like the picture.

Anders H.

For those of you who might be thinking that Profiles is "just another digital print lab," think again. Aside from making photographic prints, the mainstay of their business is inkjet digital reproductions of original artwork. This requires a degree of subtle color control and sophistication that even some of the best photo printers would find challenging. And that, after all, was the original intent of Mike's print sales: to offer convincing evidence that no matter how good an image might look on your display, a master-made print is an object of rare and lasting beauty.

A bit off-subject, maybe, but Inkphot mentioned Gordon Lewis’ photo in his comment and I can’t help stating once more that I consider it one of the finest photographs. I feel lucky I sprang for a copy.

An amazing print, well delivered and protected. The jpeg barely hinted at the range of subtle colors throughout the print. Masters at their craft, indeed. Very well done.

Well, my wife really surprised me and ordered me the large print during the online sale!! I am very impressed with the quality of the printing and hope that buyers are "somewhat" happy with the image itself. The print arrived all the way in the Caribbean perfectly intact. Many thanks to Mike, Ctein and the team of Janine and Mike for making this a totally enjoyable experience for myself...and my wife too.

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