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Saturday, 13 July 2019


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Your "Tongue"

And a vacuum has plenty of it.

I hear that John Cage is big with nine year olds.

I would guess that those who hold God as the ultimate might stumble on the answer more readily.

I've been thinking about this for awhile, and I've got nuthin'.


Nothing! It used to be said that schoolkids got this when grad students didn't. Or thereabouts.

Another version—
What is it that the poor have, the rich require,
The wise man needs, the spendthrift saves,
And all men carry to their graves?

Repeating it over and over 4 times in my head, it took me about 45 seconds to figure it out.

I'm pretty sure I'm right. When it does hit you, you'll wonder how anyone could not get it.

Yup! That was great!!

I knew the answer. I could have commented earlier, but I had nothing to say.
: )

Mentioned it to family, and my ten year old granddaughter finished the question, before providing the answer. We went “yeah, how smart is that”. She calls me “camera boy”, I call her “boss”. The best thing about growing old - we are blessed with smart, sassy, moody, funny, smiling, grouchy, sweet, nasty, obedient, spiteful, loving, cold, hugging, grandchildren. Getting down to their level and really listening to them is the reward age earned. I wish this for all our boomer friends - you can learn a lot from the little people just starting their journeys.

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