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Sunday, 14 July 2019


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A good day by any measure ... all the best!

2 things I've learned thus far:

1) youth = hope
2) aging = death by a thousand cuts

What was the answer to the riddle please?

Ha ha! I love Wendell’s friend’s line about giving up all hope. Going along with Wendell’s golf story, I have said for years when asked about my golf game, I have a lot more fun since I gave up all expectations.

Gotcha beat. I went outside and cut down a tree today.

I've learned that there are three phases to landscaping: Planting it. Making it grow. Cutting it down.

What we're never told early on is that most of the trees and shrubs we plant, even with regular pruning, become unruly or unsightly or dead and need to be removed. And trees are the worst because when they get too old or too big or dead we have to pay somebody some serious money to remove them leaving an ugly hole in our yard.

On the other hand, yesterday I made a surprisingly good photograph of a rose.

I think I know the answer to the riddle but don’t want to spoil it for others so I will say nothing here. Can you please give the answer? Thanks.

I did 10 things last Sunday and felt more rested at the end of the day. That's because all 10 were trivial pursuits. I can omit one or all without feeling guilty.

Stress and burn out come from responsibilities and in trying to fulfill expectations.

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