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Sunday, 21 July 2019


84 degees F and >60% humidity at 9:08am, here in HB CA, when I went out for my morning walk. BTW the UV index is 11! Did Nigel Tufnel make the UV Index? I may or may not take my after lunch walk.

What I'm listening to while I walk is The Doors Alabama Song and The Dickies Paranoid. Although I'm a Calvinist, I have catholic tastes 8-)

BTW I received some new sunglasses yesterday, so I snapped some selfies while out walking.

No comment.

But I do wonder if you’re still playing with the Baker’s Dozen from before your eye ordeal.

What’s the status of the long-delayed, “Museums”, Bakers Dozen pix?

I know that comments are a major draw for me here because I've come to know certain contributors by name, and I sometimes seek out their comments. TOP is an ongoing conversation among interesting photographers.

Blogs that are more likely than not to attract comments:
1. Controversial subjects and topics
2. Personal experiences and inviting to share reader's personal experiences e.g recent Digital vs Film post.
3. Memorabilia and nostalgia.
There are obviously more but these three came immediately to mind.

Thank you for the TOP Universe!

Speaking of recommendations, have you checked out Alex Lahey? In the same everyday life stories as Courtney Barnett, but a different sound. An example:

Some of us read a book a day. Even while working and raising triplets. Though I didn’t in boot camp nor for the first few months when the triplets came home. I don’t watch tv however.

"Collectively, the TOP Commentariat has vast experience, deep wisdom, and a well of knowledge. I learn something new every day, and I've certainly been kept entertained."
So true.

62 and 22

1957 Voightlander Vito-B
1969 Olympus Pen-FT
1972 Olympus OM-1

1997 Olympus 320L
Currently Olympus OMD-E1II

Jay Siegel

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