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Sunday, 30 June 2019


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Some years ago the girl with the pearl earring, the painting was exhibited in a tiny museum in the centre of The Hague. When I visited there were no crowds, I could approach the painting up to 1 meter and without interuption I could look at it for more than 20 minutes. An onforgettable experience.

The models mostly look so serious...hardly smiling.

Jingna Zhang, like many fashion photographers, does exquisite work. Unlike street/reportage, fashion work is often based on real art.

My heroes have always been fashion photographers. Patric Demarchelier http://demarchelier.com/ Helmut Newton—lots of his work on the net NONE SFW. Herb Ritts (video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppg5miLcmqk

Man Ray, and his muse Rrose Sélavy, are what inspired my interest in art. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_Duchamp#/media/File:Label_for_the_Belle_Haleine_cropped.png

There is no denying Zhang's talent, especially when it comes to lighting and posing. To be honest though, her photos leave me cold. They are so flawless (and so heavily retouched toward that end) that they feel drained of warmth and humanity. Of course, that might be exactly what her clients and intended audience find so appealing. Thanks for drawing attention to her work!

I sometimes suspect that the circles of sharpshooting and photography can overlap in interesting ways. I surprised myself when I was in the army when I found that I was a natural sharpshooter and even instructed other recruits, in boot camp no less.

Time to pitch the movie Tim's Vermeer again?

OK, watch it!

Is it really art to make living models look like dead plastic fashion dolls?
I think it is an insult to Vermeer to compare his painting to this photograph. The pose is not even the same.

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