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Friday, 28 June 2019


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Welcome back and good news! Take your time....do. As a new reader these three weeks have been a pleasant exercise in TOP history.

Welcome back. Great news too. You were missed.

Very cool. Good to have you back and ready to go. Now grab the camera, your walking shoes, and see if that new eye works as well as the old one while looking through a viewfinder.

welcome back Mike.
So glad to read the whole thing went well and you are on a good path to recovery.
I expect we will read about your experience back into photography and look forward to it. Maybe it will be a breakthrough and you will become the Claude Monet of Photography ( different eye condition though)

Bristol, UK

Welcome back! And great news!

I enjoyed the walk down memory lane while you were gone but it's time for you to get back to work and give us some new words of wisdom.

Again, welcome back.

That's excellent news, Mike! Welcome back to life.

Hallelujah! Good things happen to good (and patient) people, as demonstrated by this experience. Looking forward to seeing how your new eye captures the world of the Finger Lakes.

Welcome back!

Mike, Welcome back.
I am so happy for you. (And us out here in TOP-land)

Welcome back.
I am genuinely happy for your wonderful news!

You should buy yourself a gift to celebrate.

"Hallelujah" indeed!

Especially for you, but also for us!

Sounds a lot like the Huntington "Library" in Southern California, where Pinky and Blue Boy live. I did not notice a lot of photography there, though they have a large collection:


I am so happy for you Mike. I’ve been reading you for so long, it’s like a morning paper to me. Take it easy and keep us posted please!

Welcome back! Great news on the eye, I'm very happy for you.

Fantastic news Mike; I’m pleased for you.

It’s fascinating that the effective price of an enthusiat’s camera hasn’t really changed in all these years!

Best. News. Ever! (Well, at least in a long time.)

Thank you for the great reads of the past. Your voice was very evident in all of them, so in a way, it was like you were never gone. But it is, of course, terrific news, the best news, to know you are (soon) going to be back in your saddle!

Welcome back and congratulations on the great news! Glad that Xander is able to be with you for this all important follow up with the doctor. Take your time getting back up to full speed, we’ll be here trying to pass the time with patience applied.

By the way, I enjoyed the way Xander’s sleeve complimented the colors and patterns of the floor covering and instrument in Fred’s house.

I probably won't be the only one...


"I can see clearly now" by Johnny Nash

Welcome back, we missed you.


I'm really happy you are back with a new lens that it'll be your preferred and most used lens. ;-)

Nice to have you back! Isn't it interesting, though, how our fears are often nothing but our imagination of the future?

Best, Thomas

Ah, what a relief to have you back. Take it easy Mike and congrats on a successful operation.

Sighs of relief. Thanks, Mike. A little good news goes a long way these days.

Welcome back. Hope you're feeling well. Wishing you all the best. That's it. End of message!


Mike, glad you are back. I’ve been an on and off fan for a couple of years. The off part was due to political comments that I happen to disagree with made here on the blog. That’s history. The important thing is that your prognosis looks good, you seem to be in good spirits and that we can now again hope to see the world from your personal perspective. Welcome back.


Bon courage, mon ami.

Welcome back!

So happy to read this. Congratulations!

Dear Mike. I am so happy that all went well. Your selection of past pieces was wonderful: all of them very much alive and fresh, regardless of the original publication date. Your site has become such a powerful source of photographic reflection. For now, make sure not to overdo it --- stay away from the screen for a day if your eyes need some rest. Your readers won't walk away.

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you, Mike.

Really glad that things have gone well for you! Take is easy though. No need to overdo things in the early stages.

Welcome back; glads things went well with your surgical procedure. I’ve always felt that a “minor procedure” is one on someone else....I suspect you can appreciate that sentiment now that this one is in the rear view mirror and was successful.

This was the good news I had been hoping and waiting for; I've been checking in frequently these last couple of days.

Now, as Buzz Lightyear often says, "To infinity and beyond!" : ]

Very good news to hear of your recovery! So glad to have you back.

Glad the surgery and rehabilitation turned as best it could and glad you are back!

Welcome back Mike. Glad to read you are making progress. I read a fair amount the old posts while you were healing. Have to say that one camera/one lens thing still tempts me even if I am 4-5 years late.

Perfect, I needed some good news today!

Congratulations Mike - glad to hear things are going well!

So glad you are back!!

Congratulations Mike, good news indeed!

I find pessimism quite useful in medical situations. I always read the label, follow instructions, and don't push my luck. That way the outcomes tend to be successful ;-)

I found cataract surgery affected my photography quite a lot. I stopped oversharpening and oversaturating images for one thing and I could calibrate my screen properly again ;-)

We don't really give much thought to the range of vision issues people have when they express preferences for one image, or camera, over another.

So glad to see you back, and that the surgery appears to be successful, as I have been anxiously checking the site every morning for news. Wish you a continued good recovery!

Wow! Time to exhale. How does the new spectrum of colors look to you?

Great news, welcome back!

Great to have you back! Very much enjoyed the countdown of images, although looking forward to the comment threads again.

All best wishes, Mike! Such a relief to hear your op worked as planned.

Very glad to have you back.
I wish you well.
...and wellness always!

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out
Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about
Well the names have all changed since you hung around
But those dreams have remained and they've turned around
Who'd have thought they'd lead ya
(Who'd have thought they'd lead ya)
Back here where we need ya
(Back here where we need ya)
Yeah we tease him a lot 'cause we got him on the spot
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Great news. The best blog in the photo world is back which is also great news! Pessimism is not so bad, it does after all mean that you are seldom disappointed!

Congratulations, to you and the expert team wielding the scalpel.
Thanks for the posts you set up - very interesting reading for one who has found your site a few short years ago.
BTW, you might want to look up how that guitar auction went, in case you missed it :~)

Welcome back in the saddle, Mike! It's probably better for you to start off at a trot instead of a gallop, but I'll continue to follow regardless. (Yeah, I know, as metaphors go they're on the clumsy side but at least I was careful not to mix them.)

Wonderful news, Mike! Hoping your recovery continues apace.

Glad you're back and well.

I enjoyed reading the old posts when you were away.

Why don't you recycle your old post as a book? I would buy a copy.

Welcome back, I missed you.
Canandaigua is a beautiful spot (indian name meaning chosen place).
Best way to get a really great view of the lake is to come up route 21, on the high road, not the one going by the west side of the lake. Bring your wide angle, middle of the afternoon is best time,IMO.


Being a pessimist myself I wasn't able to find adequate words during this ordeal, but now I can unburden myself with: Congratulations! I'm very pleased to know that the graft adheres.

Marvelous news! So happy for you, ease into things as others have said, no need to peak out too soon. (smile)

Welcome back! It was difficult for me to break a 10 year habit, so I'm glad I get to start it up again. So many positive and happy thoughts coming your way! Continue to take care of yourself, Mike. We like hanging around in this community you have created.

Congratulations. Your doctor is right about how healing works. I have long believed that the best the medical establishment can do is create the conditions for healing to occur and then it is up to your body. I am happy to hear that your body chose to take advantage of the conditions your surgery gave it.

Welcome back, Mike! As promised, we all here were waiting for you ;-)

Mike, this really is marvellous news. We (your readers) have all ben thinking of you. Maybe even wanting to send you a note of encouragement, but not certain there was any point because your eyes were out of commission. Anyway, you are back and that is the sort of news that will put a gloss on our day, R

Good to know that all went well, I wish you a good recovery.


"The news about my eye yesterday was as good as it could be. The glamorous young surgeon, . . . "

Nothing like an attractive young woman to help your eyesight! ;)

Thanks for the series of Top 10 photos you ran.

Congratulations on the good news about your eye and please resist the temptation to "catch up" with new posts.

("A post a day keeps the doctor away", or something to that effect.)

One post per day should be plenty.

Take care of your new eyesight and please be patient with the recovery. That may not be easy for you, but I believe you'll be up to the task.

If your eyes feel tired, take a break, even if you're below your allotted screen time for that day. Let your eyes determine the recovery time. Doctors can give a general estimate, but it's your body and you would, of course, know it best.

Good luck!

Every so glad to see you back, my friend (albeit one-sided).

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