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Monday, 06 May 2019


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Is this a threat of changes to come if we don't up our support pledges?

Those Sponsored Stories blocks are enough to make me stop using the internet. I can feel myself getting dumber just seeing them on the page.

uh, of course there are exceptions to my positive post of a few days ago . . .

Bravo. Nicely done.

Fake News.

Mike, you write well when your [sic] sober, but you write really well when your [sic] drunk or high :-)

"Should you vote for Abraham Lincoln or George McLelland? Take our survey now!"

I seriously suggest you take good hard look at your site. And reflect on where it’s going...

Is this related to tonight’s Met gala?

I've said it in the past, but it bears repeating from time to time: the amount of intelligence in the (human) world is constant and the population is growing.

Oh, sweet, I can now insert an ad for uBlock Origin in the comments !

Oh! I just thought your site has been hacked. Thanks god (or, whomever), it isn't.

There must be something wrong. I didn't get a single pop-up asking me to subscribe.

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation, from what now seems like a better, vanished, time (apologies for the Rush quote): who knew we could fall so fast and so far?

Wasn’t there a headline next to the picture of Lincoln: “15 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mistakes.”

Was this post prompted by Firefox disabling all extensions over the weekend? If so, the bug was fixed via 66.0.4 and I got my update this morning.

Once my adblocking was disabled on Friday I started to see all the intrusive and malicious ads I’d almost forgotten about. I knew the tracking and pervasive surveillance was also unchecked so I dialed back my Internet use and waited for what I assumed would be a Monday update after tracking down a summary of the bug at ghacks.


Mikes worst post ever.

Hi Mike,

You should check out the Powerpoint version: http://norvig.com/Gettysburg/

Which is why I run a pi-hole on my home network https://pi-hole.net/

The difference between viewing a site with and without pi-hole serving up DNS is jarring. And yes, T.O.P is whitelisted.

Thank you for the link to "the Bliss copy"! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wanted to laugh but it’s too true to be funny


You won’t believe what happens next.

Thanks, your 3d hologram pic is epic Brings old Abe right to life!!! But ... you shoulda colorized him for best effects.


"Win Pickett's Charge with this one weird trick."

My kid doesn't know a non-Web planet. Whatever we eventually call the post-millenials, they present a profoundly savvy and cynical bunch, and don't seem fond of reading long-form anything not assigned in class. "Is it on YouTube?" Pro tip: Facebook is for grandparents. Somebody tell Zuckerberg.

That was a bit like it has been, for me, reading your blog as a photographer.


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