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Friday, 10 May 2019


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Lovely photo with a backdrop capturing some of Wyoming's rich and beautiful landscape.

Now we all know that history is a complex thing, and here is one historian's take on Wyoming's push for equal voting rights for women.

Cue appropriation by Richard Prince.

My most memorable visit to Wyoming was a backpack in my 20's up a canyon in the Teton Range and hiking round the "backside" of the Grand Teton, then down to Jenny Lake. Strangest of all, was the name of a beautiful area near the crest of the range, called Death Bench. My friend and I could look north along this exquisitely beautiful rolling highland and see the Grand Teton, yet another days hike away. If someone had a miserable ending there, it is hard for me to "picture" it.

This is my new favourite TOP post.

Talk about the "Money Shot". Putting this Great Photo and putting it together with Womens rights together along with the State of Wyoming, this is a perfect example of "Random Excellence".

All I keep thinking of is Richard Prince.. http://www.richardprince.com/photographs/cowboys/#/detail/1/

Would this be the gentleman that you knew?


According to this site, Mr. Dewey was a doctor.

When I read a story about people, whether online or in a book or newspaper, I feel somewhat compelled to find out what eventually happened to them.

[That's he. I had forgotten his wife's name was Lee. Also that he had been a doctor. --Mike]

Having been raised in Wyoming - this is not news. Wyoming is a great place to grow up but if you really want have a reasonable life, move away during your working years. The people who live in and around Jackson Hole are mostly East/West Coast imports and they are not representing the whole state of "natives". Great image though, and ten to one the model got back on a airplane and is now doing more "work" in LA or New York.

XfMj beat me to it regarding the truth behind Wyoming giving women the vote. I had learned that Wyoming was trying to attract women for lonely horny men.


Given what we know about the whitewashing of the history of the American cowboy, I'm disappointed the cowgirl isn't black. But then again, the African American population in Wyoming is about 1.1% of the total population of Wyoming.


The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the old Marlboro adverts.

But maybe I'm just growing cynical in my old age...

The Jordan Motor Car Company featured a woman in a sporty automobile in a Wyoming setting:

One of the more well-known auto advertisements of all time, capturing the romance of the early automobile.

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