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Wednesday, 22 May 2019


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Mike I think you may have missed a trick here by not publishing the background story a few days ahead of the print sale as I believe it would have encouraged a few more of your readers to buy.

[That could well be true. --Mike]

I hesitated to buy another print, because our walls are full. Then my wife saw the image - and she bought it.

Ponte dei sospiri? And, first I've heard of Robin Trower. Recommended?

<*I have to laugh at myself...as I wrote these words I happened to be listening to "Bridge of Sighs"........>

Oh yeah? Well I was just listening to "Messin The Blues" from
"Long Misty Days". Gotta love it - 'cept it's too short.

Mike / Chester,
I would have loved to buy a print - I really, really liked the shot and am glad you sold so many - but unless or until Mike can sell me wall hanging space with his prints sales, no prints for me for the foreseeable future...

Wondering which Caponigro image is on your poster?

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