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Thursday, 23 May 2019


Good luck Mike and take your time - your readership isn't going anywhere.

Hi Mike -
Just go for it. Cataract operations are getting more complicated as you get older. My mother waited almost 20 years before she did it at age 85. Luckily it went well and she could see her family again. But if she would done it sooner it would be much much easier, and she would have enjoyed many years of better eye sight.

Mike, best wishes for a successful surgery and a very speedy recovery!

Mike I don't blame you for being a bit scared but as others have said I am sure things will work out just fine.

Years ago working in a commercial building I had to break off a long self tapping screw that was holding down roof decking and protruding right where the wall we were building was to be located. Not an uncommon thing.

I gave said screw a whack with the hammer and as it broke I felt as though I was punched in the eye. I felt fortunate that I was able to get my eye closed in time so the bolt did not touch the eyeball. Well it did hit the eyeball and later that day I was in the ER getting a small circle of metal dust scraped from my eye. Lucky for me the dull broken end hit my eye not the sharp drill point end.

Motto to my story is folks protect your eyes. Running any power equipment at all? wear goggles even when doing yard maintenance.

PS. You worry about losing us readers? Like where would we go? Best of luck with it all Mike.

Fear can really knock the pins out from under a fellow but it sounds like you’ve done your research which is always a good first step. It’s a little harder to fear something you understand.

Maybe you should tape an image to your monitor (and phone?) as a physical barrier/visual reminder to not sit down at the computer once the surgery is done. Computer time is like Lay’s Potato chips. You say that you will only sit down for one minute or that you will only eat one potato chip but soon the hours gone and the bag is empty.

You could get creative with the physical barrier and tape up Wayne Knights Jurassic Park hacker image that says, “Ah, Ah, Ah, you didn’t say the magic word!”

Sending good thoughts your way…everything’s gonna be fine.

The best luck for you, Mike. I am a lot older than you and had cataracts done on both eyes. No issue at all, except getting rid of my bottle bottom glasses. I hope your treatment is also a piece of cake...

A followup to my first comment. I too was very nervous prior to the surgery. It's the control freak in me and this comes from someone who had to stitch themselves up in the field. I have some suggestions for you, get someone to take away the power cord to your computer, and give them your iPad(s). You should know yourself well enough by now to know that you will NOT be able to keep away from them for the required time. The next piece of advise is critical. Take all your eye drops when you are suppose to and in the order they tell you! There are no mulligans on this and you can't just double up if you miss one. I had my wife make up a spreadsheet for me with times/medication/dose as it got quite confusing. Put alarms in your phone so you don't miss any drops. That's it. Get all Zen like and go with the flow.

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