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Monday, 20 May 2019


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Well that’s a helluva lovely, romantic back-story for your image, Chester! Thanks so much for sharing it here.

What Kenneth said.


Piling on---beautiful story, very well told. Thanks for cheering up a Wisconsin soul on a beautiful Tuesday in Mayvember...

It’s an intrinsically interesting image and so surprising that it has a just as complex back story.

Great story. I want to go to there!

Lovely story indeed. Just a small correction: Francoise Le Clerc is the feminin of François. François Leclerc aka "Jambe de bois" was a man.

"François or Francis Le Clerc, known as "Jambe de Bois" ("Peg Leg"), (died 1563) was a 16th-century French privateer, originally from Normandy. He is credited as the first pirate in the modern era to have a "peg leg". wikipedia

Thanks for providing the backstory for the photograph! I plan to keep a copy of the text with my copy of the photograph. Looking forward to it's arrival!

What a story! Thank you.

Thanks for all your comments...especially Scott, to whom I must apologies to for having made him cry! The image is very special to me because of its story and I am very humbled by all your wonderful comments. The greatest complement to me as a photographer is when the viewer connects to my work on an emotional level and feels what I felt at the moment I clicked the shutter...thanks so much.

A lovely photograph, and a great story.
I am one who love a little backstory with photographs.
Your picture stands perfectly well 'on it's own', but the story just makes the whole experience better.
Just lovely, thanks

A moving story to go with a moving image, that I wish I had been able to order in time!

My late father, Peter Griffee, lived in St. Lucia for some years between the late 1960’s and mid-1970’s, after the ending of his first marriage.

He told me many stories about the place, which I feel is part of the reason I am attracted to islands. I hope to be able to visit some day.

With congratulations and warm wishes to Chester for making the photograph and writing this story, and many thanks to Mike for publishing, as always

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