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Saturday, 04 May 2019


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So Sad.

I remember watching the race the day he died. It didn't look that serious and F1 drivers didn't die the way they once had. He was gone sitting there in his Williams. I miss his incredible passion.
Here is my take on F1 https://www.phototrice.com/archives/1675

For me, the death of F1 drivers has had special impact since Britain ‘s first world champion driver Mike Hawthorn was killed on a public road in the late 1950s. My father was his family doctor, and at the age of nine I chatted with him while we were waiting to have our hair cut. Of such things memories are made!

Senna, Fangio, Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, and Jackie Stewart are some of the 'natural' drivers ever. Currently beyond the very good in the circuit I still consider Kimi Raikonnen the one in that class.

Watched that race on tv. After the accident it seemed to take forever for anything to happen; he seemed to be propped up against the side, with nobody sure about his actual condition, to move him or not.

In recent years I have given up on F1 and find it a boring procession just like back in the Shumacher days. The only race left with any glamour was Monaco, and then the PC Brigade came down on the pretty girls that made that event unique. Anyway, it will all be scrapped in favour of electrical racing soon, and no bad thing. Gasoline killed too many drivers.


I like the checkered flags on the front and side of little Ayrton's Jeep. I'm having trouble translating the hand written message on the brush guard. Can anyone make that out?

I used to be a big F1 and Senna fan. I remember getting up early to watch that race on CBC in Canada. At first I thought it was Damon Hill who crashed and then the reality set in. Such a sad day. I sobbed when the news finally hit several hours later. I watched F1 for a couple more years but never had the same passion for it after that. I haven't watched or cared for many years now. Senna the movie was excellent and I have watched it a couple times. Agree that it has more drama than any documentary ever.

"I'm having trouble translating the hand written message on the brush guard. Can anyone make that out?
Posted by: Jim Arthur"

Literally: "Car ride? Just in skirt."
It's a sexist joke very common in those years. Something like : "free rides only for women"

The Netflix Formula 1 series is recommended.

I gave up ever watching F1 after Senna died.

Senna on the grid at Adelaide in 1985.


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