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Sunday, 26 May 2019


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Best wishes for a total and speedy recovery Mike, take care and take your time to heal.

So we are ILC according to your doctor?

I wanted to write you the best "good luck" comment, but that's giving me writer's block.

Thanks for setting us up with some daily kibble while you're away. Looking forward to your speedy return.

This eye procedure should give you an even more unique viewpoint into photography. How many people with your photographic and writing experience have lost then regained their vision? You're a pioneer now.

Good luck, Mike!

I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Get a Summilux Mike. The extra stop is very useful. Best wishes. See you soon.

All the best wishes for a successful operation and recovery.
Your online family will all be here waiting for your return.

I hope as well as any new content that you will post someth8ng from the archive each day.


Your book sounds really interesting. You should consider trying again with it. I promise to buy one.

[You're kind to say so. John Camp's words echo in my head. I asked him whether there wasn't a secret to writing a book, and he said "Just finish it." His observation was that when people finish things, good things come of it. I should have.... --Mike]

I hope all goes well with the surgery Mike and wishing you a speedy recovery. There are some great audio books now so try and relax and enjoy them when you come home.


All the best Mike.
Do not worry, we will be around when you will be back..

Thanks for sharing this. We are all just "T.A.B." (Temporarily Able-Bodied) souls. In the mid-90s I realized I could no longer see my son's jersey number when he was in the outfield. A year later I could again see thanks to a skilled surgeon and the donation of a cornea by a 42-year old woman who'd died in a car accident. The surgeon went on the create a worldwide organization, Curing Blindness, that performs thousands of cataract surgeries every year, mainly to correct the blindness the comes to the poor at high altitudes. Check it out when you can be back to a screen. Wishing you continued great vision.

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