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Wednesday, 03 April 2019


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When I was still a Facebook user I noticed that as I uploaded photos that included the faces of any of my Facebook friends, Facebook instantly and automatically "tagged" them by name on the photo.

"the camera recognizes human faces and uses this knowledge to set the autofocus point"

Sony announced that it is now expanding this to include non-human animal faces (and eyes).

Thanks Mike, the last couple posts were very informative as a composite of all of the fantastic new features built into the new and modern, cameras. All that's left for me is to walk around with settings set at M and look for that Decisive Moment. Or do you think Artificial Intelligence will figure that out also.....

You feed picture and (supervisor type learning) give a label said “steeet photography”, I think the AI can do it if there is enough data (big data). It can even generate it (call GAN). What shock is the self learning one and the AI classify then produce its own genre. Yes, I think AI can do it given the picture and tag on Flickr

For face recognising I do a bit conferences photography it is kind of great to use my Olympic vs my nikon gear as it can do silence as well as face recognising even with em5 II. Just not silence enough for hdr. Need hdr due to the lightening issue. May be Sony better.

Big Brother is there, even in our beloved cameras. I always liked face detection. Even works with paintings and sculptures. Told nobody of course because that might undermine my status as serious picture taker.

Here is a recent article that describes the current state of the art.

In some places in China, like Shenzhen, the government is already controlling their citizens with advanced face recognition. If you cross the street ignoring the red light or are naughty in other ways you will get penalty points. If you collect too many of them they might deny you some civil rights. You won’t get a visa or things like that.

I never understood why eye controlled focus hasn't jumped to digital.

I had one of the early SLR's to have this technology and it was fantastic. Even many years ago when the technology was much less sophisticated than it would be today.

I mean, I put my camera on continuous focus as my dog runs towards me and you can see the focal points flashing 10 times a second as it tries to interpret the scene and pick out what should be in focus - Is it the shape moving towards us or is it that clump of grass it is moving past?

It seems like it would be so much easier to just track my eye which is locked solidly on the dog running ...

Fortunately, I have zero training or expertise in this area so it will not fall to me to implement these "very simple" ideas ...

Hmmm... I know that I'm a geezer.

However, I fail to understand why one would want to turn over to a computer what is arguably the most critical aspect of a portrait getting at least one eye in sharp focus.

I almost never photograph people and could care less if the camera can "track" faces fast or slow.

I find that when the face-finding feature is turned on, the camera goes into over drive to find faces, whether or not there are "real" faces to find. This does prove amusing at times.

Once shadows in the butt end of a fallen tree caught the attention of face finding feature (I thought it was off). It took me a few second to puzzle out why the focus persisted in going there.


Why should it properly be facial(and not face) recognition? The link mentions that "Facial recognition is also known as face recognition."

But if it should be, then should it not be ocular (and not eye) autofocus?

Eye autofocus?

f/8 and be there.

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