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Monday, 01 April 2019


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Great April 1st post! I wish for your sake that it were true.

No foolin'?!?!

Congratulations. I wonder if she's the same Magda I married a couple of years ago. Coincidentally, that marriage was announced on April 1.


Wow, what a positive April Surprise! Looking forward to hearing more of Magda's and your exciting plans, not just today, but all year.

Congratulations on your visionary marriage and the plans for your future together.
I'm sure I'm not alone in remarking how auspicious it was to share this information on 1st April.

Ahh, yes. April Fools Day. I bet you'll get a lot of congrats from readers before they realize today is April 1st.

Yea, and I'm the King of Blowdrea.

Guard your heart, Mike. I suspect your dear Magda may be playing a cruel and capricious April Fool's joke on you.

I wanted to say "WOW" in 144 point bold type - then realized it is April 1st. Your move my friend...

This is great news Mike. You're surely relieved at not needing Patreon signups anymore.

[GULP. Wait!!! --Mike]

It was somewhere in the 2nd paragraph that I realized todays date! Well done Mike!

Good one - had me going for a minute. Not that I mean to disparage the idea but I kept thinking at some point she was going to take you back to the mother ship.

Will the museums be open all year, or just on the 1st of April ?

Wake up, Mike, wake up! It's already well past midday...


C'mon Mike, it's April 1st...

Looking forward to April 1st being over with! :-)


almost sounds too good to be true!

All I can say is My best wished it works out the way you imagine,


Mike, the last three words of the first sentence kind of blew your cover. Don't worry though, I'll be there for the Toronto opening. That part was real, right?

Happy April Fools Day

Does she have a sister?

But George Soros is not dead!! :)

You had me until billionaire.

[Since you tipped me off that that was a tipoff, I changed it. --Mike]

Mike, I haven’t read the whole post as I realized
today is April First.

This (double/triple) news is so unexpected and great, in many respects, that I almost blame you for making it public on the first day of April - please confirm that it's serious...
That being said, I nevertheless jump in head-over-heals to congratulate you and your future wife Magda from the bottom of my heart - and keep us posted ! And if you have fooled me after all, it's still brilliant and I'll have a good laugh. Pity though that in that case chances of meeting you in Europe will be that much smaller.

You almost had me, for two whole paragraphs..... but it's April 1st. :-) Much more believable than half the stuff I've seen today though, so A+ for effort!

Congratulations, or is it April Fools?


Happy April fools day?

Happy April 1st to you, too, Mike!

Nice post for the date.

Mike, Congrats and best wishes! May I suggest the two of you buy the Brooklyn Bridge, and construct the museum there?

This is indeed, great news - Congratulations!
I'd also like to thank you for the generous funding of my current project - working title: "The Quixote Project". While it will be a bit of a whirlwind tour chasing the light at each of the selected Windfarms located around the planet, the resulting photographs will be printed life-size, to allow the visitors to the IDPM exhibit to fully immerse themselves into the photograph, feeling the power of windmill generated electricity. By describing this, I hope I'm not spoiling any secrets that Magda has been planning. Great times are ahead!

Only in your wildest dreams.

[Actually, my wildest dreams are wilder than that. :-) --Mike]

Yeah, congratulations...you almost got me.

April 1st is so much fun.

"This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four." ~Mark Twain

I just happen to win the Pulitzer today- won the MacArthur yesterday, and word is- I'm tied for a Nobel...

Happy April Fool’s Day!

On any other day of the year this would be wonderful news.

Wow Mike, I’d say you might have gotten away with this April 1 write up but the giveaway was the link at the end that still has you soliciting funds! Good try, funny, funny, funny!

Holy moly.

Do Hungarians engage in the April Fools Day thing?


We need to talk.

You know what it's about.


With some of your spare change hire a webmaster/designer, and an IT person for TOP.

For the museum, get a Océ LightJet or a Durst Lambda, for photographers who only print gelatin silver.

Director of Exhibitions sounds better than chief cook and bottle washer 8-) Enjoy!

Now why did you post this on April Fool's Day? Many will not believe it.


1/4/19 in Hungary.

Ah....if only it were true. But then I remembered the date. Anyway, congratulations to you and Magda!

Today is an interesting day to choose to announce this.


Congratulations, and I wish you all the best! I hope you are as ecstatic after April 1st!

Congratulations, and best of luck. Your plans sound wonderful but a good woman, now that's something special.

Hey, what day is it?

Happy April Fool's Day, Mike.

Glad your sense of humor is alive and well.

What a propitious day to announce your engagement and your new-found "essentially limitless" wealth ;)

I have sent you several Swiss Spaghetti Trees, one to plant by the front door of each museum.

"three more in Western US cities" - I'd like to lobby for one of those locations to include flyover country in the Midwest!

For a moment, you had me.

Mike, that all sounds great! It would have sounded even better if posted on March 31 or April 2. Please tell me I'm reading too much into the post date...

Brian Illes

For you, I would love this to be true, but then I remember the date. Good one, you got me, but I was only on my first sips of coffee.

Monday, First of April?


Ah, you had me until you said "Magda and she's Hunggarian."

I hate this s***. (Shouts at clouds, scratches ass.)

Given that it is not only Monday, but also April 1st, I unfortunately feel compelled to apply far more than a single grain of salt to your posting . . .

Wonderful news Mike I'm so happy for you and Magda I hope you'll be very happy together and the Museums sounds like a splendid idea, obviously you'll no longer need funding via the Patreon scheme so I and I expect most of your contributors can cancel our subscriptions with immediate effect.
So happy for you both Mike, now whats the date so I can cancel that subscription!!!

Took me a sec. well done.

It is April 1. April Fool's Day. I don't trust anything I read today.



Does this mean you will store your off site back up disks in Budapest?

Congratulations, Mike! You deserve to be happy.

Now that you have "essentially limitless" resources at your disposal, perhaps you might be interested in investing in this new venture: https://forum.luminous-landscape.com/index.php?topic=129748.0.

Does Magda have any friends in a similar situation?

Dear Mike,

I really hope the first news is really, really true - and the second news also! :-)

And if its not the day in the year news - by the way, a very good one - Congratulations!

All the best to you!


April fools!

You had me pretty good until you mentioned her "essentially limitless" wealth and then I remembered something. But for several paragraphs I was feeling pretty happy for you...

At least we know your major-lottery-win plans. :-)

Monday on April Fool's Day, to be exact.

Congratulations! Forgot to add - I too have had a bit of luck, a Nigerian Prince wants me to help him with some banking in return for $500,000!!

1st of April. :-)

You almost got me. I was about to say: “Careful Mike, maybe she is just after your prints, like your previous women”

Happy April Fool's Day!!


And Happy April Fools Day to you Mike.

Will you announce when you are going to be visiting any particular museum so we can have a meet and greet with TOP readers?

Like Santa Fe? Hint, hint.

(I hope to meet John Camp so I can ask whether the President in Saturn's Run is a thinly veiled Suzanna Martinez!)

Nice, Mike!
A genie-in-a-bottle fantasy that features altruism, rather than avarice.
I’ve said it before - you’re a good man.

Magda sounds lovely. Has she asked you to forward expense fees yet?

Wow-A fantasy and a joke all rolled into one!

Sounds like heaven! Pity tomorrow is April 2nd...


This sounds amazing, sort of like what the Italians would call a "scherzo di primavera".


Wealthy widow huh? Tell me this is not a cheap attempt to fund your G.A.S? And if she is that wealthy we should all get new cameras!

April fools?

Z plane Boss. Z plane

Good one, Mike.

Love the Hungarians and the goulash. She knows a few Nigerians too who need someone to help them for a large financial return.

Almost sounds too good to be true!;) Maybe if the generous Hungarian falls through, this post can be circulated to other folks of means who may be interested in the novel gallery concept and/or marrying the leader of TOP!

And a jolly post this is, albeit it IS April 1st, after all...personal peregrinations not withstanding~!~

Brilliant! I was fooled for the first two paragraphs.

April 1st Mike, good one!

What great news! And on April 1, too, the same day I won the lottery.

It's only $90 million, so I'll not be in your league, by any means.

I think now I can finally afford an X-H1 AND a 200/2.8.


So, this means that you no longer need my Patreon support, right?

Magda is cool, I met her in Elan. She's older than you might think but very wise.


Congrats. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and it seems that you have a Project for it.

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