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Sunday, 07 April 2019


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Sony should be like Polaroid and give away their cameras to get you to buy their very pricey lenses.

The only Super-Camera I've owned is my iPhone Xs. When I retired, I stopped shooting—nada, nothing, zip. I have half-a-dozen cameras—crop, full-frame and 4x5. I have the wherewithal to purchase an oh-so-trendy full-frame-mirrorless. What I didn't have is any interest at all!

I've had several iPhones, but never shot a pic with one. The confluence of good-enough camera, and good-enough software has changed everything. As both a minimalist and surrealist, the phone is the perfect camera. A very private way to record fever-dreams, with no outside interference needed. Bokeh or not, normal or Rockwellian color is all up to me and an app. I'm the only person I need to impress, therefore the pic is only used as my desktop photo-of-the-day. Sharing is highly overrated.

Great comment.
OK, so the Ricoh GR, (with wideangle conversion lens), is one of my all time favourite cameras.

So, the latest iteration, GR III, has more pixels and IBIS, but terrible battery life. And with the none-backwards compatible wideangle conversion lens, will set you back about £1100.

Why bother?

Today Eric Kim reminded me that The more things you own, the more things own you. https://bit.ly/2UEKttV He's got that right!

Today Mike said: Those cameras must really not be selling. I don't understand why... The reason is very simple, only old dawgs purchase cameras. Not many old dawgs left. Recently this old dawg learned a new trick called camera-phone—so I'm now out of the ILC market.

I bought that XH1 at the fire sale price with the grip which has never been attached. The extra batteries are a welcome addition. I find the camera to have become my current favorite. I really like the image stabilization feature and it really does work. I had the XT2 which I should sell since I am no longer using it but I just can't part with that XPRO2 which has been all with me for going on 3 years now. I think Fuji has not done a good enough job explaining the virtues of the XH1 as a great stills camera. It should not be discontinued.

Mike - For me the A7RIII has been a super camera in every way. My photo taking has gone up, and it's the best camera I've ever had, quality wise, flexibility-wise, and for reasonable compactness/weight. I recently bought a second new body through Greentoe with USA warranty for $2,600, and I've heard of others who have paid closer to $2,400 through Greentoe.

Couldn't recommend the Sony A7Riii more highly. It's better for me than the 6cm x 9cm view cameras I used back in the day, the Canon 5Ds, and the m43 cameras and lenses. The lens choices for the Sony are truly exception - Sony GM (super high quality), Zeiss Batis (autofocus), Sony-branded Zeiss, Zeiss Loxia (manual focus), and Voigtlander, as well as various Tamron, Sigma, and Samyang options. . . . People complain about the interface. I certainly find it much better than the Olympus m43 interface, and although it's not an easy interface to learn, it's well worth the effort. Also, the Sony interface is very flexible and easy to customize once you learn it.

Do we know if the price reduction is due to slow sales, or to clear the inventory before that new model is released?

A supercamera? Too many pixels (speed, storage considerations), not enough DoF, ugly as [insert your favourite ugliness here]. Am I missing someting? ;-)

I just sent back the X-H1. am I the only one to find the command dials useless? The haptics are worse than on my x-t2; they have dual function as both a pressable button as well as dial. The problem is they are so slick, that you can’t operate the dial without pressing hard enough to actuate the button. Even at the bargain price that would continue to drive me crazy. It’s too bad because otherwise, I liked the camera. It’s just too expensive to have useless dials.

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