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Sunday, 07 April 2019


A nice tribute, Mike. I hope Bryce would have been pleased to read it. Thank you for creating this community of photo dawgs.

The first thing I'll do after I shuffle off this good green Earth will be to send you an e-mail from beyond (I'm sure Steve Jobs is working on that now) letting you know. Maybe some pictures too.

RE: "it might be good if I were younger at the start of the project." That's true of almost every project we dream up in or beyond middle age. The old adage "we get too soon old and too late smart."
I have had thoughts lately of doing some YouTube videos of some of my photo hikes in the Adirondacks but I not only have to learn to make videos, but I also have to deal with a 74 YO body that is less enthralled with long hikes up mountains.

A very touching post and it sounds like Bryce was a great guy.

Very sorry to learn of Bryce’s death. As a long-term TOP reader his name we certainly familiar to me. His comments will be missed. My condolences to Bryce’s family and close friends.

Great post. The diverse extended community you mention in this post is one of my favorite aspects of TOP. All the effort you put into moderating the site to eliminate trolls is appreciated and contributes greatly to my enjoyment of the community. Thank you for that. Rest in peace Bryce.

Them kicks are drippin.

For a primer on how to speak Gen Z see Cool Carl here.

Beautifully written.

Hear Hear!

"Surely our ranks are thinned by death now and again..." A truer word couldn't be said since, at last count, 10 out of 10 of us still do :-)

But I loved your story about Bryce and even more how you sort of keep an eye out for us "photo-dawgs" that keep sniffing, clawing, chewing and howling about and at your posts! We are indeed an interesting "pack".

I find april-fools-news as detrimental to civil discourse as any other faux-news. From my admittedly jaundiced POV, I see no difference between Alex Jones (and his ilk) and the 4-1-funsters.

BTW nice shoes!

Thank you Mike for this post

Sorry to hear of his passing...

Personally, I'm looking forward to "the next adventure," although I can't imagine not missing being able to document my new environs with a favorite camera.

PS- Those kicks remind me of Homer's personally designed vunder mobile!

Mike, I missed my annual April Fool's post on Facebook this year. It would have read as follows:

"Chicago Cubs sign 18 girl just out of high school who throws a 150 mile-per-hour fastball."

With best regards,


Cheers to Bryce and I'm happy that his photos live on.

Family pictures are the most important to me and it saddens me that we have some of people that no one alive now know the names of. I'm sure that the same fate awaits the family pictures I've taken. We are indeed just dust in the wind, all we can do is enjoy it while we can.

Your post on April Fool's day was a good one, just right for us photographers. Sorry to hear of the passing of one of your faithful readers.

In the past several years I have learned of two deaths from googling obituaries. In both cases, they were friends I used to have frequent dealings with but then lost touch with for different reasons. It's a big world but we only have relationships with a small portion of it.

What a beautiful story, am sorry to learn of Bryce's passing as well.

Thanks for sharing, Mike. One thing that I've found encouraging about this internet thing is that it can be used to discover people who have similar interests and passions, and one can expand their friendship circle in ways that seem very simple and yet unbelievable at the same time!

Hope to be out your way in a month or two---I'll try to drop by!


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