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Thursday, 04 April 2019


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Photo gallery of the Brasserie is by Peter Turnley http://www.labrasserie-isl.fr/galerie_en.htm

Hopefully he patriotically dons his yellow vest and joins the protests against his government's corruption.

Congratulations. After moving from Australia to North Americar 31 years ago (including living in Canada for 3 years), I have finally decided to get US citizenship (but who knows how much longer that will take).

Damn I am 1/2 French. Did they ever invite me to become a legal citizen? No. (I think it is because I am part English :)

Peter that seem to have made you happy and my congrats to you.

Being Belgian, living in Luxembourg and less than 20 miles from the French border, I can tell you it is probably the last country in Europe most Europeans would choose to become a citizen of.

Never forget that Paris is not representative of France, much like Washington, the city, is not of the US.

That's fantastic good news!

In the seven years my wife and I have lived here, I've yet to encounter M.Turnley. Perhaps someday?

What great news! I too am awaiting the decision of the French authorities to accept me as a citizen. Done all the paperwork and interviews, now just hoping!

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the entire World.

will Peter now become Pierre?

and some french wisdom:
Un verre de vin est bon pour la santé.
Le reste de la bouteille est bon pour le moral.


Congrats and I have to do that too. Renew my resident card and then go for my French passport and citizenship. Been living in France since 1996.

Just a question - if he's been living there so long, what took him so long to decide to become a citizen?


That reminds me, now that I am semi-retired I guess It is about time I took my citizenship test. I have been here in the USA for 25 years but was always too busy working.

As someone who spends 1/3 tp 1/2 of the year in France I understand his love of France. We have a tiny house in Provence and love the slow pace of the country. The majority of the people are warm and welcoming. I do not understand the comment about most of Europe not wanting to live in France. Just in our village we have residents from all over the EU, who love it. Chacun a son gout I suppose.

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