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Friday, 05 April 2019


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Oh dear! You just said "I can't tell you how I do this or what I look for..." Andrew Molitor at Photos And Stuff is going to eat you up.

OK, admit it, how many of us are sorting through Mike's tea leaves, like investment bankers reading a speech by the Chairperson of the Federal Reserve?

Ops, did not manage to send you an image from the last day (night) of our old national museum. With a lot of Munch and very nature nationalistisc 1880-about paintings, among them this https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C2%ABVinternatt_i_Rondane%C2%BB . It closed for good, a sad day actually. We went out into the night at 21:00, and at 21:01 the doors closed for the last time.

And as far as I can remember my picture was very good. :-)

But then again, one more picture less to digest. :-)

Thank you Mike for your so nice blog!

Anders Holt from Norway.

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